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Streamline The Design Process

We have turned the design process into a streamline factory. This allows you to complete the design faster and at a lower price. Have interns and entry level workers do all the prep work so your high paid, high skilled designers can concentrate on polishing the finished product.

Below are our easy to follow steps that make sure every design is finished quickly and cost effectively. Brown steps are performed by your workers and blue steps are performed by your client.

1 Write Copy  ⇒  2 Approve Copy  ⇒  3 Select Photos  ⇒  4 Approve Photos  ⇒  5 Purchase & Clean Photos  ⇒  6 Layout Text & Photos  ⇒  7 Finish Design  ⇒  8 Submit Revisions  ⇒  9 Perform Revisions  ⇒  10 Approve Design  ⇒  11 Install Design

Only steps 7 & 9 require a skilled designer. Our steps take the burden off your skilled designers allowing them to complete more designs.

Track Drafts And Revisions

Included is a draft approval tool for making the approval process smooth and easy to approve. Each time you upload a new draft an email is sent to the client telling them the new draft is ready for approval. They can either approve the draft or post notes of revisions that they would like to the draft. You have a history of previous revisions, and which worker performed the revision, and you can easily control how many revisions a client is allowed before they are charged extra.

Easily Outsource The Grunt Work

Our multiple step design process makes it easy to outsource the grunt work saving time for skilled designers. Easily have an entry level worker select photos from a stock photography, purchase and remove backgrounds from photos, and layout the design. This way your skilled designer gets a PSD file with everything layed out for them so they concentrate on doing the design. If you do not have your own team of entry level workers we can provide you with low cost designers from overseas. Outsourcing designs while maintaining full control on the finished project has never been this easy!

Cloud File Storage Solution

Have all the files related to the design safely stored online in cloud file storage. Easily control who has access to download important design files from any location with an internet connection. Allow clients to securely access the files for their design for the lifetime of their account with your company. Cloud files are automatically backed up so you do not have to worry about a hard drive crashing and loosing all of your work.

Track Time Spent On Tasks

Our design management software includes a powerful task management system which allows you to easily track time spent and delegate items to workers. You can see a timeline showing who is working on what, reports showing how long it has been since a project has been touched, a history of communication with the client, and much more. We have used our task management software for over 5 years to operate our own clients and have perfected a solution that is easy to use and keeps things moving forward.

Marketing And Management Software Combined

Our design management software includes the same marketing tools all of our other software has. This gives you everything you need to both find work and manage work in the same place. We include an eCommerce solution for adding products or creating invoices with custom quotes. We include email marketing tools, SMS and phone marketing tools, social media marketing tools, banner ad management, website creator and much more. We also provide a full range of services to help you out whenever you need it. Now that you have found us you have a true one stop shop where you can fulfil all of your online needs.

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