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Q. How Long Will It Take To Design My Page?
A. It largely depends on you and how fast you respond when we send items to review. If you respond within a few hours each time, then we can have the design done in 2 business days. Also, it may take an additional day or two if you have many modifications. It normally takes an additional day each time we create a new revision for you.

Q. Can audio or video be added to my page?
A. Yes, both audio and video can be added to your page. Adding audio or video to your page is free as long as you provide us with either the embed code or an FLV or MP4 version of the video. Otherwise there may be additional fees related to converting or installing the video.

Q. Can I Use A 3rd Party Autoresponder like Constant Contact or Aweber?
A. Yes, for any capture page design we create you can have your contacts feed directly into your 3rd party autoresponder account. We support Constant Contact, Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp and many other popular autoresponder companies.

Q. Can I Have The Design Installed On My Own Domain Name?
A. Yes, in fact you will need to purchase a domain name if you don't have one. A domain name typically costs $12/yr or less.

Q. Do I Have To Host My Design With You?
A. No. However, if we create an editable design for you then then to use our editor to make changes you would need to host with us.

Q. How Much Bandwidth Am I Allowed?
A. There is no restriction on how much bandwidth you can use. Instead, our prices are based off of how many emails you send each month.

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