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Q. What is the difference between a template and a design?
A. A design is completely unique to you, meaning no one else will use the same design. A template is not unique to you, meaning others might use the same exact template.

Q. Can I buy a template and host it elsewhere?
A. Yes, every template has a price assigned to it that you can purchase the template for. When you purchase the template if it has an optin form you are asked to enter your autoresponder details (such as Aweber or GetResponse) and then once you enter it you are able to download the html files. If you purchase a subscription with us then you can use all of our templates without having to pay individually for each one (we host it for you).

Q: Can I use my own autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse?
A. Yes, if the template has a form you can have it connected to your own autoresponder such as Aweber or GetResponse.

Q. What parts of the template are editable?
A. Every template has a description describing exactly what is editable but basically all the "html" text is editable. What that means is if you can highlight the text to copy it, then you can edit it. The graphical text (like text in the header) is not editable.

Q. What if I want to edit the header or graphical text?
A. Most of our templates we designed ourselves and we have the original PSD files. This means that we are able to make changes to items that you are unable to. We can change text, remove text and swap out images. Depending on what changes you want depends on the price, but it can range from $10-$50. To receive a quote please fill out the customization request on the template page describing in detail what changes you want done. When viewing the template there is an icon that will appear indicating we have the PSD file if we have it.

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