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Q. Can I add an email signature section to a profile that would display at the bottom of member's outgoing emails?


There are 2 ways to do this:

1 - The simplest way, is under "Advanced Features" inside of the "Email Settings" tab there is an option to allow member to use a signature.
When this is turned on, a new icon will appear from the members area called signature, where the members can go to put their signature using the WYSIWYG editor.
The signature will be added at the very bottom of the email.

2 - You can create a Text Area member variable, and then use the member variable ~~ code to put the signature inside of the email.
This method would put the spot for the signature onto the "Profile" page
(instead of it's own page like option 1), but it would be a text area, without a WYSIWYG editor.

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Q. How do I change who an email is sent from and the reply email when sending mail to members?

A. The emails sent by the admin to an Member will show the admin's name and email set under My Personal Info for the reply email.

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Q. If I enable email signatures and send an email from my Members Area to everyone's contacts, would it pull their email signatures into the emails I send?


If signatures are turned on under "Advanced Features" then yes, the signatures would automatically be added to the broadcasts that you as the admin do on behalf of your contacts.

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Q. Can Members Send BROADCASTS more Often?

A. Under advanced features in the email settings you can change the broadcast frequency.  You specify a time period members have to wait between broadcasts.

You also have the ability to specify the limit with a Tool Truck when editing the membership.  When editing the membership you have the option to make it unlimited for that specific membership.

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Q. When we send emails to members can they unsubscribe?

A. Yes, there is a link at the bottom of every email that a person can use to unsubscribe.

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Q. When I change the "Email Type" in "Advanced Features" from HTML to TEXT the emails I already created are still delivered in HTML. Why is this?
Q. How do I change broadcast feature where I can send out emails whenever i want vs. every 5 days?
Q. How would I send out a broadcast message to contacts?
Q. Everytime I hyperlink the ~aurl~ variable the system automatically puts this in front of it http://MYDOMAINNAME.COM/admin/~aurl~
Q. Can I add a video to my email?
How do you embed a video into the email?

Q. How do I remove the edit signature link from my Members Area?
Q. Can my members have their own personalized autoresponder emails?
Q. If someone wanted to make their own capture page to tie into the software, what is the autoresponder code for them to use?
Q. How do I change broadcast frequency from 7 days to less or more?
Q. Is there a certain amount of emails each member's account can broadcast per day or week?
Q. If I as admin send out an email broadcast to ALL (users) contacts will accounts flagged as "suspended" contacts get the email too? or just active accounts?
Q. Is it possible for members to use more than one autoresponder at the same time and choose which capture page to use for each AR?
Q. Is there a way to use a 3rd party autoresonder and still have the contacts tracked through your system?
Q. Inside the advanced features it says we can turn on commission notifications. Where can I edit/see the notification letter first?
Q. How many emails can my members send a month/day and how many emails can i send a month/day?
Q. How do I edit my auto response message subject line and the from field?
Q. How do I edit the report spam/optout footer that is added to every email?
Q. Is it possible to stop sending auto responders emails to free members I created?
Q. When I (admin) update the system autoresponders messages is there a way I can push these changes to all members?
Q. I logged in to my site as the admin and I edited the AR messages but when a visitor fills out the capture page form it still sends the old AR message. Why is this and how do I fix?
Q. Does an autoresponder have to be html mail for the opened email tracking to work?
Q. Does the software do text message auto-responders?
Q. Can the auto-responder messages have auto-merge fields from the database?
Q. Can the software utilize the members email address as the outbound mailing server rather than utilizing the hosting email exchange server? (rather than using syn.com the mailing server can we use the members g-mail account)
Q. How do I make the autoresponse message editable by each member, instead of just the admin?
Q. Is there a way for me to see the amount of emails that have been sent out?
Q. If I begin blasting an email to members, do I have to remain logged in for the emails to be sent?
Q. Is their a feature that allows me to reuse broadcast messages so I don't have to retype them each time?
Q. How do I turn on double opt-in emails?
Q. How do I edit the email sent after double opt-in confirmation?
Q. How many email credits do I have each month and how can I control how many credits my members are allowed.

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