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Q. Do you have an affiliate program tool for promoting multiple affiliate programs?

A. Yes, we do offer an Affiliate Program Tool in our software.


The Affiliate Programs Tool can be purchased as an addon to your membership software.  The affiliate programs tool allows you to add external members programs to your software (example: Aweber Affiliate Program, Traffic Exchange Affiliate Program etc) for your Members to join.

When combined with the commission tracking tool, the affiliate programs tool allows your members then to have members they refer see their link to join the affiliate program under them. A similar effect can be created using member variables and resource pages without needing the affiliate programs (it is much easier to manage it using the affiliate programs plugin rather than trying to build it out using member variables).

What can be done with affiliate programs that can't be done with member variables is to have the it pull links from an upline's upline if the sponsor does not have a link set.

For example, lets say you create an affiliate program called "My MLM" and Abe refers Bill who in turn refers Caleb.  Abe goes in and puts his link into the My MLM affiliate program, but Bill does not.  When Caleb logs into his members area and goes to join "My MLM", because his sponsor Bill does not have a link assigned, it will show Caleb Abe's link instead.
Because of this, it is important that the admin's account has a link for every affiliate program because if no one else in the software has added a link yet, it will need to pull the link from the admin's account.

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Q. How do I add an affiliate program with the affiliate programs tool?


To add an affiliate program with the affiliate programs tool first login to your system as the admin

Affiliate Programs

Click Affiliate Programs to manage/ add affiliate programs

Add Affiliate Program

Click add an affiliate program link to add new one

- For the Title, put the title of the affiliate program (exa: "Aweber")
- For the Description put a description of the affiliate program (exa: "An autoresponder service")
- For the Cost Description put a description about the cost (exa: "$1 for your first month then $19 a month after that")
- For the Small Cost put a shorter description about the small cost (exa: "$19/mo")
- For the Payout put the amount of money member receive for referring someone (exa: "Earn 30% For All Sales")
- The video is optional.  A video explanation for your member can be added.  If you put embed code for a video here, then an icon will appear on the member side where they can click on the link to watch the video.

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Q. With the Affiliate Programs Tool, how can I can make it so that only one membership is able to add member programs for their downline to see?

A. Step 1
Go to Advanced Features

Step 2
Click Affiliate Program to expand it then modify Allow Add Programs settings


Step 3
Go to Memberships and click membership title to edit it


Step 4
Click Affiliate Programs Settings to extract it then select from Allow Add Programs whether a member belongs to this membership will be able to add affiliate programs or not. Also you can control number of programs a member can add for his downline. Then click save changes

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Q. How do I upload banners to my software for members to choose from?

A. Manage Banners

To upload a banner first login to your account as the admin. 

Then, click the "Banners" link on your members area home page. 

Add a Banner

From there click the "Add A Banner" link and you are taken to a form where you can upload the banner. 

The banner you upload must either be .jpg or .gif format.

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Q. Is there a way to change the color of the calendar?

A. Yes
 There are a few different properties to the bottom titled calendar SOMETHING for each of the different items of the calendar.  Also, if you prefer you can send us the color codes, or images or the colors you want and we'll change for you as a support request.

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