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Q. How can I setup so the contact receives an email if they select a specific answer choice in a survey?

A. You can send a specific message/download/link based off a survey taker giving a specific answer to a question. If you setup multiple of these they are grouped together and sent in the same email.  This works for questions that have multiple selection options (like radio buttons, checkboxes and drop downs).

Instructions to Setup the Email

Go to Edit the Survey

Login to your members area and go to the Surveys page (/admin/surveys). Click the edit link next to the survey.

Add an Email Message to an Answer

Survey Question
Click edit link next to the question in the survey that has the answer you want the email based off of.

Survey Question Answer

Click the edit icon next to the answer.

Survey Answer Email

In the edit answer popup enter the message you want sent in the "Optional Email Message" section and click save changes

Setup the Message

Survey Email

To setup the message used by all the answers in this survey (the template/frame) click the "Advanced Features" link at the bottom of the page.

Survey Email Subject
Click load default for Specific Answer Email Message (Email) then enter subject of the email and click save changes

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Q. How do I setup survey email notifications?

A. You can specify which email notifications are sent out for each survey. Notifications can be sent to:
  • Admin - Sent to you, the admin.
  • Member - Sent to the member who promoted the survey.
  • Contact - Sent to the visitor that filled out the survey.
Go to the surveys page (/admin/surveys) and click the edit icon to edit survey
From the drop down select which notifications you want to enable and save changes.

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Q. How do I assign a question to a document?

A. Questions can be assigned to documents allowing you to build a knowledge base of frequently asked questions.  With the quiz tool they are also assigned to documents to form quizzes.

Instructions for Adding a Question to a Document

  1. Go to edit the question you want to assign to a document.
  2. Change the question to be public and save changes.
  3. Assign the question to a document using the drop down under Documents.

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