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Added: 11/28/2013   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago
With the facebook video it requires that you create an App for the application within your Facebook account. If you forward us your login information for this account we can create the app for you as a support request.

Setup Facebook APP for facebook video:

Below are instructions to create the app within your Facebook account.

CLICK HERE to visit developers.facebook.com to setup app

Step 1. Click on the developer's link found at the bottom of your facebook page.

Step 2. In the developer's page click on "Apps -> create new app" in the menu at the top left.

Step 3. Fill out the form in the popup and click "Continue".

Step 4. Copy your App ID & . Fill other settings as shown below.

Step 5. Fill other settings as shown below.

Step 6.In your members area go to "Social API Settings" (http://YOURDOMAIN.COM/admin/socialapisettings.php)

Step 7. Put your App ID from Facebook then save changes.

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