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Payment Processors

Added: 03/24/2014   |   Updated: 2 Years Ago
Payment processors
In this document we explain how to setup some of the popular payment processors we offer.

Paypal Payment Processor 1- PayPal:
Put your Paypal email to Paypal Email Field.
Payza Payment Processor
2- Payza

  1. Login to Payza.
  2. Go to 'Business Tools' and under 'Instant Payment Notification IPN' select 'IPN Setup'.
  3. Set 'IPN Status' to 'Enabled'.
  4. Leave 'Allow Encrypted Return URL IPN' as 'Disabled'.
  5. Set the Alert URL to
  6. Copy the 'Security Code' from Payza to the 'Security Code' field on the left.
  7. Leave 'Test Mode' set to 'Disabled' and click 'Update'
Authorize.net Payment Processor

3- Authorize.net

For recurring billing instructions (ARB)

First Data Payment Processor
4- First Data

  1. Login to First Data
  2. In the 'Support' drop down select 'Download Center'
  3. Click 'Download Now>>'
  4. Put your tax id and click the download button next to 'For Web Service'
  5. Open the zipped file and inside of it open the file that ends with .auth.text and you will see the username and password listed in it. If you are unable to open the zip file send it to our support department for installation.
Instead of the email, put your Web Services API Username

Solid Trust Pay Payment Processor
5- Solid Trust Pay

SWREG Payment Processor

  1. Get Security Key under Setup-> configuration
  2. Get Shop ID under User Management-> My Profile
  3. Setup your product and get product code under setup -> create/edit products

Stripe Payment Processor
7- Stripe

  1. In the 'Your Account' drop down select 'Account Settings'
  2. Click on the 'Webhooks' tab
  3. Click on 'Add endpoint...'
  4. Create an endpoint with the following values:
    URL: your-domain.com/admin/stripenotify.php
    Mode: Live
    Send me all events (selected)

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