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Título del Producto Precio Precio 2-5 Precio 6+ Comisión
Buy Domain Name$15$13$12$0
Domain Name Privacy$15$14$13$0
Import Domain Name$6$5$4$0
Membership Software - Basic$175$157.5$148.75$0
Membership Software - Pro$600$540$510$0

Software Addons

Título del Producto Pricio Pricio 2-5 Pricio 6+ Comisión
$100 of Support Request Credits$98$98$98$0
$25 of Support Request Credits$30$30$30$0
$250 of Support Request Credits$235$235$235$0
$50 of Support Request Credits$50$50$50$0
1 Upgrade Request Credit$10$10$10$0
10 Upgrade Request Credits$95$95$95$0
Change Domain Name$70$70$70$0
Convert to Pro Software$450$405$382.5$0
Dedicated Server Setup$245$245$245$0
Hosting - Piggyback Domain - 1 Month$1$0.85$0.75$0
Hosting - Premium - 1 Month$50$45$40$0
Hosting - Regular - 1 Month$20$17$15$0
Install a Replicating PDF$35$35$35$0
Install Page (Basic)$12.5$12.5$12.5$0
Install Page (Complex)$30$30$30$0
Install SSL Certificate$40$40$40$0
Piggyback Domain$10$9$8$0
Reactivation Fee (Less than 1 month)$20$20$20$0
Reactivation Fee (Over 1 month)$50$50$50$0
Remove Branding$500$450$425$0

Precio 2-5 = el precio por un producto después de su primera compra del mismo producto.
Precio 6 mas = El precio por un producto después de que usted ha comprado 5 del mismo producto.
Comisión = La cantidad de dinero que usted gana cuando alguien te refieres compra este producto.



Título del Producto Pricio Pricio 2-5 Pricio 6+ Commision
Editable Capture Page - A$50$47.5$45$0
Editable Capture Page - B$65$62.5$60$0
Editable Capture Page - C$75$72.5$70$0
Editable Capture Page - D$85$82.5$80$0
Graphical Capture Page - A$100$97.5$95$0
Graphical Capture Page - B$110$107.5$105$0
Graphical Capture Page - C$120$115$112$0
Graphical Capture Page - D$130$125$122$0
Graphical Capture Page - E$145$140$135$0
Graphical Capture Page - F$160$155$150$0

Desiño Addons

Título del Producto Pricio Pricio 2-5 Pricio 6+ Commision
5 Banners 1 Email Template$25$25$25$0
Additional Revision$15$15$15$0
Matching 1 Sided Post Card$40$39$38$0
Matching 2 Sided Postcard$60$57.5$55$0
Matching Animated GIF Banner Ad$10$9$8$0
Matching Business Card$25$24$23$0
Matching Editable Page (max 1200px height)$55$50$45$0
Matching Editable Page (over 1200px height)$75$70$65$0
Matching Editable Page (without content)$15$12$10$0
Matching Email Template$15$14$12$0
Matching Graphical Page (max 1200px height)$65$60$55$0
Matching JPG Banner Ad$5$4.5$4$0
Simple Video Background Graphic$10$9$8$0
Video Container Graphic$20$19$18$0
Write Capture Page Copy$25$24$23$0

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