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Stay in touch with your clients and leads without having to lift a finger. Our automated communication solutions allow you to send mobile text messages, phone voice messages and postal mail automatically based off of dates, actions, or at your own whim.

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In one place you have all the tools needed to communicate with your contacts. Combined with our live chat software and our email marketing software you have a full set of communication tools and can see every communication, no matter the method of communication, listed under a contact in one location.

SMS Autoresponder Software (mobile text)

Phone Autoresponder Software (pre-recorded mp3)

Postal Autoresponder Software (postal mail letter)

SMS Broadcasting Software (mobile text)

Phone Broadcasting Software (pre-recorded mp3)

Postal Broadcasting Software (postal mail letter)


Our voice and SMS autoresponder software works the same way our email autoresponder works. You can setup a series of follow up messages that are sent to your contacts at specified intervals. You can setup follow up messages to be sent for up to a year after the contact joins your list.


With the click of a button contact a large group of people at once whether it be by SMS messages, phone voice messages or postal letters. You can create contact groups allowing you to quickly send out broadcast messages to the appropriate people. You can schedule broadcasts to be sent on a future date allowing you to have everything prepared in advance. Send out reminders or updates any time you want to everyone or a small group with just a few clicks.

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