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Your own membership based website including dozens of marketing tools available. Our website membership software is completely customizable yet easy to use. It costs less yet is more powerful than the competitors.

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Your Own Membership Based Website

Now you can have a membership based website for less than the price most companies charge for a basic website. You can choose to charge members for access to the website or give it away for free. Our membership software includes tools making it easy to add new pages, news, events, downloads, banners and much more.

A Fully Customizable Members Area

Every page in the members area is completely customizable. You can modify the titles, content, layout, design plus add your own custom php code.

Every php page has a matching html template file that can be edited to completely customize the pages. We also provide tools for translating the site into foreign languages and have already translated it into several languages. With our enterprise software you can setup multiple memberships where the members area for each membership has it's own content and design and is completely unique from what members in other memberships see.

TooLBOX Toolbox

Our TooLBOX allows you to have only one type of membership. This means that every member of your site will have access to the same exact content.

TooLTRUCK Tool Truck

Our TooLTRUCK allows you to have an unlimited amount of memberships. By setting up different memberships you can control who has access to which content or tools.

For example you can do different memberships titled bronze, silver and gold where the higher costing memberships unlock additional content and tools. You have total control over what each membership can see and access.


Nearly any organization with members can benefit from our web membership software for websites. Below are a few examples of people and organizations that our software is perfect for:

Gyms & Clubs
Paid Content Websites
Team Leaders

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