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Communicate With Artists And Fans

We offer communication tools to allow you to easily stay in touch with your artists and fans. Send out emails, SMS messages (mobile text), phone voice broadcasts, live chat, or send out updates to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. An artist can have their own fans and communicate directly with them. You, the record label admin, can communicate with all artists and their fans. With just a few clicks you can notify everyone at once and later view statistics to see who has viewed your message. Staying in touch with your artists and reaching out to your fans has never been easier!

Easily Update Your Website

A powerful record label website creator allowing you to easily create and update your website without needing any technical background. We include a photo gallery, video library, music player, booking form, and more, so your website is up and ready to go in minutes. Everything is easy to use yet completely customizable to work exactly how you want it. You can also allow each artist to have their own web page that they can update themselves. You can let them edit the whole page, or just a section of the pages.

Sell Products Online

Start selling cd's, digital downloads, t-shirts, mp3s, event tickets and more. Have a purchase unlock pages or downloads. Integrates with major payment processors like PayPal and Authorize.net. Do one time payments, recurring payments, or trials.

Track Artist Royalties

Keep track of how much each artist has earned from cd and other media sales. Define a royalty amount for each item and then with each sale royalties are automatically created. Artists can login and see their earnings and payouts at any time.

Members Area

Every artist gets their own login to the members area. Inside the members area you can post important information for only artists to see. You can add items to the calendar, upload files to download, post news and much more. Artists can see their fans, see statistics and more.

Social Marketing Made Easy

Take your social marketing to the next level with our easy to use tools. By clicking a single button start using viral marketing on your site allowing visitors to add all of their friends from social sites like Google and Yahoo to your newsletter and contact list. Also, we include tools for marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, pInterest and other popular social sites.

Electronic Press Kit

Quickly setup an electronic press kit for every artist on your label. Be ready to provide venues, magazines, promoters and others with banners, descriptions, photos, official bio, approved sound clips, quotes, and more. Password protect your EPK or choose to share it with the public.

Fan Club Management Software

Start your own fan club and build a street team. Every artist has their own fans that they can communicate directly with, and then the record label has access to all the fans belonging to all artists. Give fans rewards or unlock hidden content for them for performing specific tasks, doing training or watching videos.

Task Management Software

Setup tasks for your artists and street team and monitor their performance. Setup bonus points for street team members to perform tasks and reward them for reaching certain goals. When travelling to a town for a concert setup all the tasks and promotion that needs to be done before the concert and be sure every task gets complete.

Everything You Need In 1 Place

We provide all of your online needs and software needs for your record label in one place. No need to work with multiple vendors or purchase different types of software. We make it easy for you to operate your record label so you can concentrate on making music and not worry about the website. We have a support team that is here to help and we can do customizations, designs, and much more. Now that you have found us you do not need anyone else!

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