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Communicate With Members And Guests

We offer communication tools to allow you to easily stay in touch with your members and guests. Send out emails, SMS messages (mobile text), phone voice broadcasts, live chat, or send out updates to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. With just a few clicks you can notify your entire congregation at once and later view statistics to see who has viewed your message. Staying in touch with your congregation and reaching out to guests has never been easier!

Church Member Directory Software

Easily create a new member directory at any time by just clicking a button. You can export the directory as a pdf file allowing you to easily print it. The directory supports member images and always stays up to date with the members in the software so you never have to update it. You can allow members to login themselves to update their information taking the burden off you to make sure addresses and phone numbers are up to date.

Easily Update Your Website

A powerful church website builder allowing you to easily create and update your website without needing any technical background. You can also allow every member to have their own web page that they can update themselves. You can let them edit the whole page, or just a section of the pages.

Members Area

Every member gets their own login to the members area. Inside the members area you can post important information for only members to see. You can setup groups so that elders and deacons see different content than normal members. You can add items to the calendar, upload files to download, post news and much more.

Evangelism Tools

We provide you with many evangelism tools to help fill the pews in your church. Every member can have their own blog allowing each member to participate in online outreach. We include email marketing and social marketing tools to help you reach potential new members. For example, with the social marketing tools members or guests can invite all of their friends and family from a social site (like Facebook) at once simply by clicking a button. You can setup online Bible study lessons, add videos from crusades, send mobile text invitations (SMS), and much more.

Online Training Tools

Setup your own online training for your church members. We provide you with tools for making surveys, quizzes, frequently asked questions, lessons and more. Track performance from your members. See scores from their quizzes, time spent on pages reading lessons, percentages of videos watched and more.

Church Task Management

Increase church member participation using our church task management tools. Setup one time or recurring tasks and have them assigned to members. Track time spent on tasks and see who is faithfully participating and who isn't. Setup a series of tasks where one once one task is complete it activates the next so that each member is able to work together to finish a large project. Assign skills to members, post feedback about tasks, track history and much more.

Everything You Need In 1 Place

We provide all of your online needs and software needs for your church in one place. No need to work with multiple vendors or purchase different types of software. We make it easy for you so you can concentrate on nurturing members and not worry about the website. We have a support team that is here to help and we can do customizations, designs, and much more. Now that you have found us you do not need anyone else.

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