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Generate new contacts. Nurture existing contacts. Automate communication with contacts. Convert contacts into customers. Target your contacts by their interests and responsiveness and automatically send them tailor made content. Our powerful contact management software includes all of the contact management tools you can need in one place.

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Conact Management Details

Everything Needed To Generate, Score, Communicate With, Track and Nurture Contacts

View statistics
Add custom fields
Add notes
Group and flag
Sync with Google
Import and export
Scoring system
Chat with contacts
Send emails
Send text messages
Send phone broadcasts

Contact Management Interface

Contact Grouping

Setup contact groups that you can use for sorting contacts and handling autoresponder series. Contacts can belong to multiple contact groups.

Contact Tracking

Track the pages your contacts visit, where they come from, their conversion rates, and more. Setup password protected pages that only specific contacts can view and unlock these pages after they perform an action (exa: Unlock a page after they view a video).

Contact Scoring

Contact Scoring Example Our contact scoring system shows you which contacts are the most actively showing an interest and which items they are interests in. Our contact management software comes with a powerful contact scoring system that is easy to customize to fit your needs. A contact receives points for doing things like watching videos, opening emails, viewing pages, clicking links, chatting, and more. You decide how many points each action is worth. For advanced setup you can use code to create custom actions that adds points. Save time and money by concentrating on the contacts that are most interested. Setup automated marketing campaigns to try to get the attention of those who have not yet shown any interest.


Contact Communication

Have all of the communication with your contact in one place. No need to search through emails, cell messages, Skype and phone logs to remember who you talked to when and what you talked about. With Web Marketing Tool you have all of your communication with your contacts in one place. If you have a team or organization you can know when a team member has communicated with a contact so things to not fall through the cracks and also so you are not constantly bumping heads with each other. We give you the power to automate, monitor and delegate communication with your contacts.

Editing Contact Interface

Generate New Contacts

We provide you with all the tools you need to start generating new contacts. We provide you with capture pages, banner tools, blogs, ad coops, optin form creators, and much more so that everything you need to generate new contacts is in one place. Our marketing software allows you to manage everything related to contacts from generating them to managing them all the way to making sales and tracking commissions.

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