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Support Request Credit Prices

Hosting Package $25 $50 $100 $250
We Do Not Host 1,800 3,800 8,000 22,500
Regular Hosting 2,000 4,250 9,000 25,000
Premium Hosting 2,400 5,200 11,200 31,000
Dedicated Hosting 2,400 5,200 11,200 31,000
Packages for support request credits are either $25, $50, $100 or $250. The hosting package your site belongs to determines the amount of credits that come with each package. The chart to the left indicates pricing for all package combinations. You may pay double to have your request expedited.

Upgrade Request Credit Prices

1 Credit 10 Credits
$10 $95
The amount of credits needed for an upgrade request is determined by the length of time the request is expected to take and how useful it is for other clients.

Hosting Prices

Package 1st Site Sites 2-5 Sites 6+
Regular $15 $10 $9
Premium $40 $30 $28
Dedicated $100+ $5 $5
Piggyback Domain $1 $0.80 $0.60
* To get a discount both sites need to have the same hosting package. For example, if you have two sites, one with premium hosting and one with regular hosting you will not receive a discount for either.

Email Overage Rates

IP Type Rate Per Email
Bulk IP $0.0004
Normal IP $0.002
Premium IP $0.005
Dedicated IP $0.001
Dedicated Server $0.0002
The first 10,000 emails are free. Email overage rates are determined by how many emails you send per a month over 10,000. Each IP type has it's own per an email rate for emails over 10,000. A dedicated server includes 100,000 emails each month instead of 10,000.

You are not charged for notification emails sent to members or to the admin.

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