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Added: 05/15/2013   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   How do I add a member's picture and info on a page similar to the landing page?

Answer    Dynamic info
When editing the page, go to view/info, then click Dynamic info. You will see a list of ~~ codes to use for displaying a member's details on right panel.  For example, you will see ~image~ which is used to display their image.

What If Page Isn't Editable?

If the page is not editable using a WYSIWYG editor then you would need to place the image in the file manager into the php file for the page.  The code you would use when doing it this way to display the image is: <?php echo $image; ?>

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Q. What is the php code or WYSIWYG code that I can copy/paste to insert member's profile image (avatar) into a page?

A. Within the php file you can use the $image variable.

Within the WYSIWYG editor for web pages and html file for members area pages you can use the ~image~ tag.

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