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What symbol do we use in CSS styling for the id...

Added: 06/21/2013   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   What symbol do we use in CSS styling for the id selector prefix?

Answer    #


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Q. How do you make the text bold?

A. font-weight:bold

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Q. Which one of the following is considered as a bad id
Special1 - SPECIAL1 - 1special - Special

A. 1special

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Q. Is background-position: 25px 25px; is valid in css?

A. True

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Q. Is it possible to set max height for an element?

A. true

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Q. How would you apply better control over the size of your elements when you have varied content presented within the elements?

A. use min-height, min-width, max-height or max-width

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Q. What’s the default value of position property?
Q. What’s the property that Specifies a sound to be played before speaking an element's content?
Q. We use the 'color' css property to change the background color of our text?
Q. Which of the mouse pseudo-class selectors is the least useful for a user?
Q. How can we turn a vertical navigation bar into a horizontal navigation bar
Q. What property can you use to set the spacing in between lines of text?
Q. ID name should not start with a number
Q. -------------- is property that sets the style of the bottom border
Q. span { font-size: 12px; padding: 2px; color: #fff; display: inline;}
In the rule above, which of the declarations is irrelevant?

Q. Which property applies a color to text?
Q. P{text-transform:capitalize;}

The output should be

Q. ………… are considered as absolute length units
Q. What happens when a border is not solid?
Q. Which css property specifies whether the type of box generated is rendered?
Q. What can the 'direction' css property be useful for?
Q. Which is the correct css syntax?
Q. If you want to make a footer that attaches to the bottom of the user's window and not just the bottom of the page, what two properties would you use?
Q. The _____________ property specifies which sides of an element other floating elements are not allowed.
Q. -------------- is property that set style of the four borders
Q. What is the proper format of an css comment?
Q. “a:hover” and “a:active” are both examples of what?
Q. How to hide empty cells in a table?
Q. What symbol is used to terminate declarations?
Q. Which css 'background-repeat' property value will repeat an image horizontally and vertically.?
Q. When styling our lists we can specify a type, image and what else?
Q. How do you display a border like this:
The top border = 10 pixels
The bottom border = 5 pixels
The left border = 20 pixels
The right border = 1pixel?

Q. what's the right priority order for css references(start with higher priority)?
Q. The ------------- shorthand property sets all the border properties in one declaration.
Q. -------------- is property that sets maximum height for an element
Q. Which css property should you use to customize the list so that it uses an image instead of the default a bullet?
Q. What’s the default value of float property?
Q. What are the possible values for the vertical align property?
Q. Which css property changes text to uppercase, lowercase or capitalized?
Q. Which HTML tag is at the top of the inheritance hierarchy?
Q. Which type of layout style presents data using the whole screen?

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