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When setting up subscriptions for solid trust p...

Added: 03/13/2012   |   Updated: 8 Years Ago

Question   When setting up subscriptions for solid trust pay does the person setup the subscription that goes to their sponsor and place that sub id on their profile?

Answer    No.  Each person should create their own subscription button inside Solid Trust Pay and should put their own subscription id on the "My Personal Info" page.

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Q. How do I add a solidtrust pay button with direct payment turned on?

A. Direct Payment - Add SolidTrust Pay button:

1- login to your solidtrust pay account
2- Go to my account -> view profile page

3- copy your username

3- Go to Merchant Zone -> Create Subscriptions

4- Click MEMBERS - view the items you are subscribed to
5- Copy your subscriotion Id

6- Paste both username and ID to your personal info page under
Solid Trust Pay Username
Solid Trust Pay Subscription ID

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Q. Is solid trust pay supported when using direct payment?

A. Solid Trust Pay is supported when using the direct payment commission tracking option.  However, Solid Trust Pay is difficult to setup with subscription payments, plus has limited tracking,  so we only recommend using them for 1x payments.

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