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How do I add/change the thumbnails that appears...

Added: 07/17/2011   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   How do I add/change the thumbnails that appears for the capture pages?

Answer    Go to Pages in the admin menu (/admin/editpages)
Edit Pages

Click on the upload thumbnail icon 
Upload Thumbnail Icon

The image must be jpg format. (Best Results 196x187)

Uploading Thumbnail

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Q. How do I upload a new thumbnail for a page?

A. Manage Pages

When logged in as the admin go to "Pages"

Upload Thumbnail

Click thumbnail icon to upload a thumbnail for a specific page

Upload the thumbnail. The thumbnail you upload MUST be .jpg format. Also, for best quality the image should be 196px in width and 187px in height.

Often because of browser caching you may not see the change right away. Even though you do not see the image, the image still was successfully replaced. To see the new image, either try a new browser OR if using FireFox, right click on the thumbnail you see, select view image, hit refresh (now you will see the new image you uploaded), then click the back button and hit refresh again. This will empty your cache in FireFox so you can see the new image you uploaded.

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Q. I am getting an error when trying to upload thumbnails to my capture pages Error 2: images/pages/2.jpg, what does this mean and how can I correct it?

A. I believe your problem is the image you are uploading is not jpg (must be jpg, can't use png).  If that isn't the issue, if you can forward us the file and we'll upload for you and see/fix the issue (could be invalid mime type of some issue with the file itself).

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