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Can I upload a video to a blank capture page or...

Added: 06/12/2012   |   Updated: 9 Years Ago

Question   Can I upload a video to a blank capture page or does it have to be embed code?

Answer    It has to be embed code.  With Premium hosting you can upload videos to the server, and then use FlowPlayer code to play it (or, we can do it for you).

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Q. Where would my Videos be hosted if I were using your software?

A. If you have premium hosting with us then you can host your videos with us.  We may put bandwidth or storage limits with overages in the future if we see a need to, but at the time of writing this we do not have any quantity limits.

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Q. How do I upload my webinar videos?

A. You can upload the webinar videos through our File Manager in the WMT Client Admin.

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Q. Where can I find the video files after I have uploaded a video?

A. The are uploaded into the main folder for your site.  So, if you upload a video called video.mp4 the video would be:

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Q. is there an size limit to uploading an mp4? I am attempting to upload a file and its just spinning and eventually times out. The file is 138mb.

A. The max file size is 4mb.  For videos you can upload larger files using the upload video section (there is a link to it in the top right of the file manager).

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