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Added: 03/29/2012   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago


The Member Showcase tool allows Members to create showcase pages where they can showcase other programs, videos, or links to web pages.
Each showcase they create appears as a link in their downline's members area home page.
The Member Showcase tool does not require the Commission Tracking tool.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to have the Commission Tracking tool so that you are able to manage your Members downline/lineage.

Showcase Box

After adding a showcase program, members will have a box showing in their members area. If they click any link in this box, a popup will show up with details.

Managing The Member Showcase

Add Showcase Program

Members have a page in their members area where they can add/edit/delete their showcase programs.

Create New Showcase

When creating a showcase program members can either create content for it using the WYSIWYG editor, or they can specify an external url.

Questions And Answers

What's the best/easiest way for us to make the affiliate programs tool and the member showcase tool paid upgrades?

With the Members Showcase Tool how can I control the amount of programs they can showcase?

With the Member Showcase how can a Member have it so a showcase item they create opens a link in a new window?

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