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With the Member Showcase how can a Member have ...

Added: 05/09/2012   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   With the Member Showcase how can a Member have it so a showcase item they create opens a link in a new window?

Answer    When creating a Member showcase they have the option in a drop down to select "Link to External Site".  They would select this, then put the url of the site in the "Short Description" field.

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Q. What's the best/easiest way for us to make the affiliate programs tool and the member showcase tool paid upgrades?

A. This would need to be done in our Pro Software.

What you would do is modify the adminpages files for these pages and create pages for the memberships that you don't want to have access to the page.
Then, make these pages completely blank (or put a message saying they need to upgrade).
You would also want to modify the account.php adminpage so that only the appropriate memberships can see the links to go to these pages.

This is something we can do as a extra support request for an additional 200-400 credits.

Below is a document explaining more about editing admin pages:
CLICK HERE to learn about editing members area pages.

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Q. With the Members Showcase Tool how can I control the amount of programs they can showcase?

A. No, currently it is not possible to control how many showcases Members can create.  We would need to put this in as an upgrade request.

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Q. Where can I change the Members Spotlight?

A. Go to Advanced Features.

From there it is about half way down under the section "Member Spotlight".

When turned on you have the option to select the member and enter a description.  The member's name, profile image, and description will appear on members area home page (/admin) for all of the members.  If it does not appear then the code ~memberspotlight~ needs to be added into the html template file for the page located at /uploads/adminpages/index.html

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