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Where is the importer/inviter in the Member Are...

Added: 06/21/2012   |   Updated: 9 Years Ago

Question   Where is the importer/inviter in the Member Area and how do I use it?

Answer    When you go to edit a capture page there is an option to turn it on/off for the page.  There is also a section available to the admin called "Social API Settings" where it has your keys from the apps created for each service, as well as the ability to customize which group contacts are added to, and default title/message/url for the facebook blaster.  If your prefer, we can paste any updates into the Social API Settings for you.

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Q. Can I import my existing contacts or purchased contacts into your software?

A. Yes. However we mantain the right to restrict you from importing contacts purchased from certain places. Our main objective is to prevent our software from being used to SPAM people. As long as you have acquired the contacts from a reputable source we do not have an issue.

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Q. How can I import contacts into a member's account into a specific autoresponder series (contact group)?

A. Import Contacts

First, you have to login to your system. Look for and click the import contacts link.

Upload Contacts List

Then you will be redirected to a page where you have to upload the CSV file containing a list of the contacts to upload.

Import Settings

And once you've uploaded the file. Scroll all the way down, and from there you will see a dropdown for the contact groups. So each contact groups have different sets of autoresponder messages. 

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Q. How do I allow members to import contacts?

A. 1- Login to your client admin then go to Advanced features

2- Click on the Misc tab, in the import contacts field change to yes (allow Members to import contacts themselves).

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Q. Is there an import function that is easily map-able from a CSV file?

A. Yes, you are able to import both contacts and Members from a csv file.  You can also allow your Members to import contacts themselves via a csv file.

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Q. How do I import Contacts?

A. Import Contacts

When logged in as the admin there is a "Import Contacts" option.

Import Contacts Button

Once you click on this you are taken to a page where you can upload a csv file of Members you want imported.

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Q. Can we have the social importer/inviter appear on the side of the members area too like it does on capture pages?

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