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How do I get to Advanced Features?

Added: 05/04/2016   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   How do I get to Advanced Features?

Answer    Advanced Features Location

Login at Web Marketing Tool and then go to the sites page and click on the site you want to edit.

On the site page in the left side there is a blue icon for Advanced Features.

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Advanced Features

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Q. In "advanced features" --> "email technical" --> no-reply@domainname.com - How do I access those emails?

A. In WMT Client Admin, under your site, under the site tab there is an email tab that shows login details for emails.
However, the no-reply email is controlled by our software because the software removes emails that bounce
(it inactivates the contacts if their email bounces).

NOTE: Best not to delete emails sent to no-reply@

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Q. How do I get the SWREG ID?

A. Login to your SWREG account

Get your Shop ID from the top of the page.

Create a new product (If you already have a product Just copy its id)

Creating A Product

Get the API Key

Your API Password can be anything you want it to be.  Write it down so you have a copy.

Inside of your side go to Manage Billing (/admin/billing.php) and select SWREG from the drop down.  On the next page you will specify the amount and paste the values you copied from SWREG.

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Q. What is: "Control Panel Home Page Links" in the advanced features?

A. If you add a link here (both title and URL) then the link automatically appears in the bottom right of the member area home page (the page seen when a member logs in).

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Q. If a person wants to add their opt-in form to a 3rd party website where do they get the HTML form code.

A. You can create optin forms using HTML form creator.
You can add custom fields and copy/paste the code to your 3rd party website.

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Q. I see where I can give points for watching a video but where do I see how much of the video was watched if they did not watch the full video?

A. In the stats section (/admin/stats) there is a drop down for video stats where you can see stats for each video.

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Q. Where can I find schedule variable button
Q. Does anything changes in the setup or coding of the pages when I change the pages, in ADMIN panel under ADVANCE SETTINGS, from Capture pages to Landing Pages?
Q. Is there a members area page where members can manually add contacts?
Q. Is there a way to track and score when someone finishes watching a video?
Q. If someone cancels their monthly subscription what happens to their account?
Q. When I set the software to "Free" in advanced features, why does the Payza button still show on main index page?
Q. When I change the "Email Type" in "advanced features" from HTML to TEXT the emails I already created are still delivered in HTML. Why is this?
Q. I gave someone a free account BUT every month it is suspended. What should I do?
Q. How do I make the autoresponse message editable by each member, instead of just the admin?
Q. Is there a way to track and continue to score what new members do after they join?
Q. Can my members have their own personalized autoresponder emails?
Q. How can Members setup their capture page to use GetResponse?
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Q. Where can a member setup their 3rd party autoresponder?
Q. Where can I change the Members Spotlight?
Q. With the Affiliate Programs Tool, how can I can make it so that only one membership is able to add member programs for their downline to see?
Q. To make the home page for my software redirect to another site do we put the url in "advanced features->misc->home page action url"?
Q. When using a 3rd party autoresponder what do I do to stop the system from sending out instant message and other autoresponders?
Q. How do I activate Live Chat in the Member Area ?
Q. If you are having your contacts go into your WMT provided autoresponder and then add a 3rd party autoresonder like Aweber.. will your contacts get follow up emails from the WMT autoresponder?
Q. Is there a way that we can have the first page that people see after they log-in be a different page then the members area home page?
Q. I have 6 capture pages and want each to redirect to a specific landing page without having the new member to have to fill in the redirect in the personal info page. How do I do this?
Q. How do you setup a purchase SMS credits button with the SMS Marketing tool combined with the External Billing tool?
Q. Why don't my members have the option to select a 3rd party autoresponder in their members area?
Q. How do I setup the proper redirect url after opt in?
Q. Where would I go to add Google Analytics?
Q. What is the proper way to enter a Bad Username Action?
Q. How do I edit my auto response message subject line and the from field?
Q. How many email credits do I have each month and how can I control how many credits my members are allowed.
Q. How do I remove the edit signature link from my Members Area?
Q. How do I change broadcast feature where I can send out emails whenever i want vs. every 5 days?
Q. I see in the system where you can create mobile pages by adding ~mobile to the end. what is the difference between the page being mobile responsive and creating a mobile page with ~mobile?
Q. Is there a way when a visitor enters a bad username in their url to have it go to a specific Member?

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