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Q. Can we use authorize.net to accept payments?

A. Yes, you can. In order to use Authorize.net it will require an SSL certificate which you must buy
You can purchase this certificate from us...

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Q. How do my members refer people to the software?

A. There are many ways to do that depending on the setup in your software,
and also if you are paying commissions or not, or if your software is free.

For example, they could send them to a capture page which redirects to the join page.
They could send them directly to the page with the payment button.

If the Software would be for free, they could send them directly to the join page.
We would need to know your setup to better know what method works best for you.

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Q. Where do I edit the new Member welcome email?

A. When logged in as the admin go to "Autoresponder Emails" then at the bottom click on "Create New Account Email".

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Q. How can I specify a default content group and primary page to the join page using html code?


Default Primary Page

To specify the default primary page add a hidden input with the name of capturepage.  For example:
<input type="hidden" name="capturepage" value="FILENAME.php">

Default Content Group

There is no way to do this through html.  However, you can control what the default content group is when editing membership from /admin/memberships

Alternative: Use PHP

If this does not work for what you are trying to do (exa: You need it specific for a promotion, not a membership), the other way to do it would be to use php code and putting a hook for do-join.php page.

The best hook to use is a special one in the middle of the file.

To do it create a file called do-join-midhook.php and put the php code for editing the default content group in that file.  There is an object for the member called $member that can be used with the method setPrimaryCGroup(#) for the primary content group.

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Q. When a member purchases a new membership will everything be in the same members area or will it be separate like they have two member areas?

A. If an existing Member purchased into a separate membership if they use the same email, then they would cancel their old subscription and would belong to the new membership.  If they use a new email and have 2 separate accounts, then they would have 2 separate logins and see separate things in each members area.

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Q. Why is it that when an existing member upgrades their account it creates a new PROCESSING record for them?
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Q. How do I fix it when a member upgrades and it creates new PROCESSING record instead of associating the payment with the existing member?
Q. If I offer a 14 day trial will it ask for payment info on day 1 or after 14 days?
Q. How can I access the new member's data on do-join-hook.php (username, first name, etc)?
Q. Is there a way that we can have the first page that people see after they log-in be a different page then the members area home page?
Q. We have a $100 membership option now. We want to add a $25 membership option. Will this new option have it's own payment page?
Q. How do I add an order button to a page?

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