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How do my members refer people to the software?

Added: 10/25/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   How do my members refer people to the software?

Answer    There are many ways to do that depending on the setup in your software,
and also if you are paying commissions or not, or if your software is free.

For example, they could send them to a capture page which redirects to the join page.
They could send them directly to the page with the payment button.

If the Software would be for free, they could send them directly to the join page.
We would need to know your setup to better know what method works best for you.

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Q. How do I make it so that after they put in their referral id number, and it shows up on their landing page links they get credit from the parent offer they will be promoting?

A. You would setup a member variable.  Then, you would edit the link to include the ~~ code for the member variable inside of the link.  For example, a link might look like:

The example above shows how you would put the ~~ code inside of the link in the spot where the member's value should appear.

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Q. Is there away I can make a free membership so people can use the system free but they can't get paid when someone they refer pays for the system ?

A. With a Pro system there is the option when editing the membership to indicate that the membership is free.  If free, then you would need to see the id for the membership (look in the URL of the page when editing the membership and it will say ?id=*.  The * is the id for the membership).  Then, you would link to the join page using the link below putting the * for the membership and the USERNAME for the member that referred the new member.


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Q. Is there a way to do 'refer 4 get software free'?

A. There are reports showing how many people an Member has referred,
allowing you to manually mark them as free once they've referred 4.

However, currently there is no way to automate the process.

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Q. In the genealogy report what does this mean:
*Member MUST Qualify*
*Member NOT REQUIRED To Qualify*

A. This is an option that appears when 1-UP or 2-UP is turned on.  This feature allows an Member to specify if a person in their downline must qualify (and passup their first sponsor, etc. as required by the #-UP).  If it is set so they are not required to qualify, then that Member keeps every person they refer and doesn't have to pass any referrals up to their sponsor.

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Q. Is there anyway to tie together sending a payment and payment being marked as paid?

A. Export Commission Report

, in the Share page "referral program" click export to Excel icon

Using this feature you can export a csv file to use for mass payment in PayPal or Payza, and it marks everyone in the report as paid when generating the report.

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Q. Where in my admin does the software process the commissions and automatically pay them?
Q. Where do people join the software? Do I need a join now button?
Q. How do my Members receive their commissions? Does commission show up immediately? Where can I view the commission?
Q. What is a original parent bonus?
Q. Is the paypal commission payout automatic?

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