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Where do people join the software? Do I need a ...

Added: 01/13/2013   |   Updated: 4 Years Ago

Question   Where do people join the software? Do I need a join now button?

Answer    Yes, you should add a button.
How you set it up depends on if you are giving the software away for free or charging Members for membership.
If charging, then you should link to /order and you should setup buttons under "Manage Billing".
If free, you should link to /join.
If you are tracking referrals you should add /~username~ to the end of the links when placing them in pages throughout the system/site.

NOTE: If you prefer, you can open a support request for us to setup buttons for you.

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Q. How do I create a direct payment button?

A. After you've turned on direct payment, you need to then setup the member variables under "Member Variables" and setup variables for the button details.  The document below describes more how the buttons work and the exact titles to use for the member variables when setting them up.

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Q. With direct payment how do I add the buy now button?

A. Create a link to your join (create account page) and have the username in the page.
So, for example, if putting it into the WYSIWYG editor you would use this URL:

With direct payment, members first join then afterwards are taken to a page to make payment.

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Q. How do I add the dynamic code ~orderbutton1~ to my button image on the order page so that it works for payment?

A. To put the button (~orderbutton1~) on the order page you would paste the code ~orderbutton1~ where you want the button to appear.  I'm not sure what you mean by dynamic.  If you mean that you want the payment to go directly to the member then you would need a pro system, with the commission tracking plugin, with direct payment turned on, and then you would link to the join page and payment to the member is made AFTER they create an account (a key difference as direct payment works opposite from a normal system).

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Q. On the join page how do I remove the redirect url?

A. In your members area, go to the "Advanced Features" page, then click on the "Misc" tab, then put the url for your webinar page in the "Redirect Page" field.
Put the full url, including http://. 
Also, put ?user=~username~ at the end of the url so that it will go to the appropriate member's page.


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Q. When we send emails to members can they unsubscribe?

A. Yes, there is a link at the bottom of every email that a person can use to unsubscribe.

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