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How do I make it so that after they put in the...

Added: 02/19/2013   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   How do I make it so that after they put in their referral id number, and it shows up on their landing page links they get credit from the parent offer they will be promoting?

Answer    You would setup a member variable.  Then, you would edit the link to include the ~~ code for the member variable inside of the link.  For example, a link might look like:

The example above shows how you would put the ~~ code inside of the link in the spot where the member's value should appear.

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Member Variables

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Q. How do I add an edit box for members variable (for members to put their own value) to a resource page?

A. You can add input fields for members to add a value on the resource page. For example, if you are promoting a program you can easily add ~~ code below text or a video you make and then the ~~ is replaced with a form for a member to put their username for the program being promoted.

Tilde Codes to Use

~membervar#form~ Complete form with save button
~membervar#input~ An individual form field. Used when adding multiple inputs. You need to add a button with type="submit" to save the changes.

NOTE: Replace # with variable id



A Complete Form


Multiple Individual Fields

In this example you could use the code below to put a save button
<button type="submit">Save</button>

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Q. I want to create a variable for member's Facebook page where the variable links to a Facebook button that I will design on a capture page - how do I link the variable to the button?

A. To link variable to facebook page URL, replace Facebook page name with variable code in the Wysiwyg editor.

www.facebook.com/~VARCODE~            // VARCODE to be replaced with your variable code as follows

Copy variable code from member variables page

Member Variables

display dynamic info
Also you can display all available variables already created from Edit pages-> Click on the page you want to edit -> View/Info -> Dynamic info (~~)
All variables will be listed at the right panel.

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Q. How would I setup an editable about me section on my web pages using member variables?

A. How to Add a Members Variable

Setup a Member Variable

To do this go to member variables page (/admin/membervariables) and add a member variable for the about me section

Adding Member Variables to a Page

Add it to a Page

Inside of an editable WYSIWYG section of a page add the code ~var#~ where you want the content to appear.  Be sure to get the correct code where # is replaced with the number of the member variable.  You can get the correct code either from the member variables page or from "View/Info" -> "Dynamic Info (~~)" in the page editor.

Test it Out

Go to the members page (/admin/members) and login as a member.  Go to their profile (/admin/profile) and enter a value for their about me section.  Then view the member's page where you added the member variable ~~ code and you will see the content there.

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Q. What is scheduled content?

A. Scheduled content, once created, can be used on capture/landing pages with ~~ codes.  They can be setup to display different content on different days (replacing the ~~ code).  Click here to learn more about scheduled content.

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Q. Is there a way to do 'refer 4 get software free'?

A. There are reports showing how many people an Member has referred,
allowing you to manually mark them as free once they've referred 4.

However, currently there is no way to automate the process.

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