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Member Variables

Added: 09/02/2010   |   Updated: 11 Months Ago

Member Variables Overview

Member variables allow you to create custom fields for your members.

Examples of member variables can be anything. They can be a spot for a member to paste the embed code for a video, a spot to put their username for another program, etc. The values an member puts for their member variable can be displayed on their capture page, in autoresponder messages, and in the members area. You are able to add an unlimited amount of member variables.

Where Do Members Edit Their Values

Once a member variable is added you can go back and edit it to decide whether the variable appears on the profile or settings page (or if it should appear on both pages).

Managing Member Variables

To add/edit/delete member variables go to "Manage Member Variables" (your-domain.com/admin/membervariables) while logged in as the admin. Member variables added by the admin at the "Manage Member Variables" page appear on the members Profile or Settings page.

Questions And Answers

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How can I add a link to a landing page that goes to a separate site (exa: affiliate program) and have a different link for each member?

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I want to create a variable for member's Facebook page where the variable links to a Facebook button that I will design on a capture page - how do I link the variable to the button?

I need my members to be able to populate 5 buttons with own unique links. How can I best do that?

How do I make it so that after they put in their referral id number, and it shows up on their landing page links they get credit from the parent offer they will be promoting?

How many "programs" or opportunities can you promote in one system?

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