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Emails and Email Delivery

Added: 09/22/2013   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Email Accounts

Member Email Accounts

Every member is automatically given an email account when they join. Their email address is USERNAME@your-domain.com.

Additional Email Accounts

You can also setup additional email accounts for your site. Click here to learn more about setting up additional email accounts.

Email Delivery and Other Issues

Email Delivery

Email delivery has many possible causes. Learn how to improve email delivery and tips on troubleshooting problems

Technical Aspects of Email Delivery:

Email Format/Display

Email format is also a common issue that has many possible causes.

Email Marketing Tool

The email marketing tool is an additional tool that can be purchased that provides the following features:

Questions And Answers

What can cause a contact NOT to show that they've opened an email?

What can we do to improve our email delivery rates and prevent getting blacklisted?

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