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Added: 07/24/2010   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Page Installation Overview

There are many ways to install a page including options that require no technical expertise.

Capture Page vs Landing Page

When installing a page you need to decide if the page is a capture page or a landing page.

Example of a Landing Page

A landing page does not have to be a thank you page but can be an entire website (Home, Products, Prices, etc).

Example of a Capture Page

A contact us page would be a capture page even though it is not a "traditional" capture page.
The difference between a landing page and a capture page is whether or not it has a form on it.

Things You can do Without a Tech

Videos and Video Tracking

Adding Editable Video Content
Video Tracking

Wizards and the Page Creator Tool

The page creator tool includes wizards for creating pages as well as many other tools for pages.

Paying Us to Install a Page for You

Often it is easier to pay us to install pages for you. Especially if you already have your site that you want to replicate setup somewhere else. You can either send us a zip file of the page or the URL of the page and we will install it for you for a small fee.

Technical Resources on Installing PHP Pages

In order to install a page you need basic PHP knowledge. If you do not have PHP knowledge you can hire us to install pages for you. If you attempt to install a page and have issues, we can correct any issues with your installation as a support request.

If you are very good with details and following instructions you can try yourself without php knowledge.

2 Step Installation Process

Every page that is installed must have a php file uploaded through the file manager as well as added as an option in the members area.

  1. Members Area - Every page added first needs to be added in the members area. This should be done first so you can know the filename and page number of the page you are installing. Click here for further instructions on how to add a page in the members area.

  2. File Manager - Every page added needs to have a php file uploaded for it through the File Manager. The php file needs to have specific php code added to it. In the "Types of Installation" section below you will find more details on how to create php code. Click here to learn how to use the File Manager.

Types of Installation

There are several ways to install a page. The page can be installed so that it can be edited in the members area, or installed where it isn't editable in the members area. The page can be installed as a capture page or as a landing page.

Installing an Existing Page

If the page you are installing is already turned into html you will need to convert the code to PHP. When doing this, we have specific PHP code which must be added to the page.
Learn more about converting an existing html page to php.

Installing A Blank Editable Page

You can install pages which are completely editable using the WYSIWYG editor in the members area. We do not advise doing this if you are not experienced with HTML or you are allowing your members to edit the page. It is easier to mess things up when the entire page can be edited with the WYSIWYG editor. It is typically better to make several editable sections than having one large editable section.

Blank Capture Page - If everything inside the page, including the form, can be edited from within the WYSIWYG editor then it is a blank capture page.
Blank Landing Page - If everything inside the page is editable, and the page does not have a form, then it is a blank landing page.

Installing a PhotoShop Design

If the page you are installing has not yet been converted to HTML we have two methods we use for turning an image (PSD, jpg, etc) into a page. Our examples are for installing a capture page. Landing pages can be installed using the same processes, just remove the code for the form.

Graphical Capture Page - A page that has a large image (exa: 800x800) with a fixed width/height and all the content is inside the image. These pages may have editable sections added anywhere.

Editable Capture Page - A page that has a header, a footer, a background, and an editable section in the middle that expands as you add content to it. With an editable capture page only the content in the middle is editable through the WYSIWYG editor, and you cannot edit the header or footer with the WYSIWYG editor.

Useful HTML Tips

Cross-Browser CSS Coding
Tips for making your pages compatible across all browsers.

The DIV Tag - An answer to many issues
Tips on how to use a div to do almost anything and ways to take div to the next level.

CSS Reference
A quiz on css to help you brush up on your css knowledge.

Understand CSS Positioning
Learn how the position property works and how to use relative and absolute position.

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