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Added: 04/19/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Installing a Blank Capture Page

With the Page Creator Tool the wizard allows you to easily create blank pages, plus much more. The purpose of this page is if you need a blank page with a php file because you will create custom php code.

Below is an example of php code which would be used for a blank capture page. In this example all you would need to change is the value pageNumber to be the page number of the new page (found on your-domain.com/admin/editpages). This page is setup so a person can add the capture page form inside the editor.


WYSIWYG Form Fields

Below are values to use in the WYSIWYG for the fields in the form. Use the value shown in the Name column for the name of the form field. Use the value shown in the ID column for the id of the form field. Items must be pasted exactly as shown.

Name ID Description Version Notes
~formfname~ fname First Name 3+  
~formlname~ lname Last Name 3+  
~formemail~ email Email Address 3+  
~formphone~ phone Phone Number 3+  
~formaddress~ address Address 3+  
~formbesttime~ besttime Best time to call 3+  
~formstate~ state State 3+  
~formcity~ city City 3+  
~formzipcode~ zipcode Zipcode 3+  

Advanced Integration

NOTE:When using form variables inside the WYSIWYG editor you should include the form opening tag and the "<?php echo $hiddenFields; ?>" directly above where the content is displayed on the page (do not include it in the editor).  You should use the form closing tag directly beneath where the content is displayed on the page.

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