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Added: 10/27/2014   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Members Area Customizations

The members area can be fully customized.

4 Ways to Add/Edit Members Area Pages

There are several ways that members area pages can be edited:

Things You can do Without a Tech

Members Area Header
You can upload your own header that is at the top of every members area page.

File and Tool Access Management
You can edit the per file access for every membership. You can do mass updates giving or remove full access to/from any tool.

Members Area Templates
We have 2 free templates to choose from plus a dozen paid ones.


New Pages - You have both resource pages and documents that you can use for making new members area pages.

Custom Filename - We have instructions below in the technical section for creating new editable WYSIWYG members area pages as well as other customizations. We can install custom WYSIWYG editable members area pages for as low as $5-15 as a support request.

Existing Pages

The following members area pages have an WYSIWYG editor.

Technical Members Area Resources (html/php)

Tutorials, technical overview, reference material, copy/paste html and php code, and more. The guides below require at least a little html knowledge.

Editing Members Area Pages
Members Area CSS
Explains the default css settings of the members area.

Questions And Answers

Can I have my own designer make changes to the back office?

Where would I go to add Google Analytics?

How do I create a custom members area page that is editable?

Which file has the footer text in it?

How do I remove icons on the members area home page for specific memberships?

Do you offer customization of the members area? Can some of the menu items be removed or changed and how much does it cost?

How do I add an edit box for members variable (for members to put their own value) to a resource page?

How do I change the copyright on the member's area pages?

Is the "Welcome Page" that shows after a person joins editable, and if so, how?

How do I add or remove the icons that appear at the top right/left of the members area?

If we choose to have new styled buttons in Member Area do we just send you one blank one?

What is the announcements page that is found on Edit Pages (/admin/editpages)?

How do I insert php or html code into the head of all the pages?

Can you show me what is the name of the file that contains the member's area MENU?

How do I edit the header for the Member Area and other pages?

Where can I find instructions on adding a vertical dropdown menu, with images that I built myself in html or php?

We created a new membership. Will it also have a whole new members area with a getting started page?

Can we have the social importer/inviter appear on the side of the members area too like it does on capture pages?

How do I setup pages so only paid members can access them?

Can I change the look of the sign up page?

How do I add content to the member's area home page?

Will I be able to change the background for my admin panel as well after my site is complete?

How do I add Facebook comments to the bottom of a page?

Do I have access to the code? Can my php programmer make changes for me?

On the profile page (/admin/profile) how do I change the page it redirects to making it another page?

Do you have a document that contains all WMT specific variables (exa: ~pagebottom~)?

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