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Editing Members Area
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Added: 10/08/2010   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Editing Members Area Pages (HTML)

You are able to edit the content that appears on every page within the members area of your system. You can add your own customized instructions, put graphics, remove items, and do basically anything you want. Every .php page viewed in the members area has a matching .html page in the /uploads/adminpages folder.

For example, the "Profile" page has a filename of profile.php. The URL for this page is your-domain.com/admin/profile. The matching adminpage template for it is located at /uploads/adminpages/profile.html. You can access this page to edit it via the File Manager within the WMT Client Admin.

How Members Area Pages are Pieced Together

When editing the adminpage template, you will notice that many items do not appear in it. This is because the adminpages are pieced together using several files.

For example, the footer for every page in the members area is the same. The adminpage template file profile.html does not contain the footer with all of the links. Instead it has the following code: ~pagebodybottom~. This code is replaced with the content of another file, /uploads/adminpages/misc/body-bottom.html. This means, you can edit the footer for all of the pages by editing body-bottom.html.

This makes it more powerful in that you can modify the content in one spot for all of your pages, but it is also more confusing for people new to html. You are not required to use ~pagebodybottom~ and can replace it with html code for the footer if you do not wish to use that feature.

There other 2 main ~~ codes that have the html frame used by all members area pages are: ~pagehead~ ~pagebodytop~.

Different Content For Different Memberships

With a Pro System each membership can have it's own unique content appear on the page. There is no limit on how this can be done.

For example, you can have one membership have a different header image than another membership, have different items in a menu than another membership, or hide items from a specific membership.

To do this you would first go to "memberships" and find out the id for the membership you want to create custom content for. Once you have determined the id, you would then add that id to the end of the filename of the page that you want to customize for that membership. For example, if you want the membership with an id of 2 to have custom content on the profile.php page you would create a file called profile2.html and upload it to /uploads/adminpages. If no adminpage template file exists with a membership's id, then it will use the default page that doesn't have the id added to the filename.

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