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How do I insert php or html code into the head ...

Added: 05/29/2016   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   How do I insert php or html code into the head of all the pages?

Answer    Yes, you can edit 1 file and have it insert the code into the header (<head>) of all of the web pages, or another file for all of the members area pages.

For Web Pages (capture pages, landing pages, etc)

HTML or PHP Code: Make a file call it: pagehead-all.php and put the code you want to inserted into it and upload it to the main folder.

For Members Area Pages

HTML: Edit the existing file /uploads/adminpages/misc/head.html
PHP: If you need php logic used for the code added to the <head> then you will need to create a custom ~~ code for it (exa: ~headercustom~) and then to add it to the head.html file mentioned above.  Then create a file called allpagescustom-hook.php and upload it into the admin folder.  In that file you will use the following code to add the results from php to the html file: $pContent = str_replace("~headercustom", $YOUR-CONTENT-FROM-PHP, $pContent);

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Q. Can it be setup so that a youtube video link can be pasted in the HTML on the about me page?

A. If the video has a specific place that it should sit (and they can't move it around) then we can create a separate editable section which is only for the video, so they would paste their embed code into it, rather trying to place it inside the html of the other content (making it less confusing as they won't need to worry about where inside the html they should paste the code).  Also, there is an icon in the editor for pasting a youtube url.

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Q. Are the sign up page and welcome page subject to the usual HTML editing?

A. Yes.

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Q. How can I specify a default content group and primary page to the join page using html code?


Default Primary Page

To specify the default primary page add a hidden input with the name of capturepage.  For example:
<input type="hidden" name="capturepage" value="FILENAME.php">

Default Content Group

There is no way to do this through html.  However, you can control what the default content group is when editing membership from /admin/memberships

Alternative: Use PHP

If this does not work for what you are trying to do (exa: You need it specific for a promotion, not a membership), the other way to do it would be to use php code and putting a hook for do-join.php page.

The best hook to use is a special one in the middle of the file.

To do it create a file called do-join-midhook.php and put the php code for editing the default content group in that file.  There is an object for the member called $member that can be used with the method setPrimaryCGroup(#) for the primary content group.

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Q. Which of the following attributes of the tag displays alternate text for the image?

A. alt

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Q. If a person wants to add their opt-in form to a 3rd party website where do they get the HTML form code.

A. You can create optin forms using HTML form creator.
You can add custom fields and copy/paste the code to your 3rd party website.

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