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If a person wants to add their opt-in form to a...

Added: 09/09/2013   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   If a person wants to add their opt-in form to a 3rd party website where do they get the HTML form code.

Answer    You can create optin forms using HTML form creator.
You can add custom fields and copy/paste the code to your 3rd party website.

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Q. Can I create my own forms like I can with Aweber, or do you have to create the capture page too?

A. There is a form builder, similar to Aweber, where you can build a form then get the code to copy/paste on your personal site.

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Q. Can I edit resource pages in the back office using a WYSIWYG editor, or is that only possible in the file manager?

A. Resource pages are edited using a WYSIWYG editor

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Q. How do I activate Live Chat in the member area ?

1- go to 'Advanced Features' and make sure that the 'Live Chat' is set on: 'ON'.
2- go to 'Edit Pages' .. choose the page that you want the live chat on it . 
3- go to 'Advanced Settings' .. mark the live chat option on. 
4- go to Live Chat button on your Member Area page ... And start chating.

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Q. Can it be setup so that a youtube video link can be pasted in the HTML on the about me page?

A. If the video has a specific place that it should sit (and they can't move it around) then we can create a separate editable section which is only for the video, so they would paste their embed code into it, rather trying to place it inside the html of the other content (making it less confusing as they won't need to worry about where inside the html they should paste the code).  Also, there is an icon in the editor for pasting a youtube url.

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Q. I'm having some pages built on my own and I need to know if I should use the form code from the html form code generator page?

A. No, do not use the code from the HTML Form Code page.
That code is for the Member to use on some 3rd party website.
This method is only attached to 1 specific Member.

Instead, you want to properly install the page, and then it will use any 3rd party autoresponder setup on a per an Member basis.
Have your developer view the page installation overview page to learn the page installation process.

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Q. Are the sign up page and welcome page subject to the usual HTML editing?
Q. Does anything changes in the setup or coding of the pages when I change the pages, in ADMIN panel under ADVANCE SETTINGS, from Capture pages to Landing Pages?
Q. Can I have my own designer make changes to the back office?
Q. To make the home page for my software redirect to another site do we put the url in "advanced features->misc->home page action url"?
Q. On the profile page (/admin/profile) how do I change the page it redirects to making it another page?
Q. How do I edit the header for the member area and other pages?
Q. How can I specify a default content group and primary page to the join page using html code?
Q. What is the HTML form code button in the members area for?
Q. Where can I find instructions on adding a vertical dropdown menu, with images that I built myself in html or php?

Q. How do I change the url a person is taken to after they fill out the form on the contact us page?
Q. Is there a way that we can have the first page that people see after they log-in be a different page then the members area home page?
Q. I have 6 capture pages and want each to redirect to a specific landing page without having the new member to have to fill in the redirect in the personal info page. How do I do this?
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Q. When we create a new product what will the members area for that product look like? Will it be the same as the current members area?
Q. How do I insert php or html code into the head of all the pages?
Q. How do I add or remove the icons that appear at the top right/left of the members area?
Q. Can a piggy back account have a different backoffice look and header or all have to land on the same back office as my main site?
Q. Is their a feature that allows me to reuse broadcast messages so I don't have to retype them each time?
Q. Is there some way for me to change the banners and background colors in the members area myself?
Q. Will I be able to change the background for my admin panel as well after my site is complete?
Q. Where do I go to link my capture page to my website?
Q. How do I turn on double opt-in emails?
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Q. Do you offer customization of the members area? Can some of the menu items be removed or changed and how much does it cost?

Q. I logged in to my site as the admin and I edited the AR messages but when a visitor fills out the capture page form it still sends the old AR message. Why is this and how do I fix?
Q. Can we have the social importer/inviter appear on the side of the members area too like it does on capture pages?
Q. Does your software do commission/compensation tracking?
a. Does your software do auto payment distribution to Members in the member area?

Q. How do I create a custom members area page that is editable?
Q. How do I get the SWREG ID?
Q. How do I change the copyright on the member's area pages?
Q. How do I set the software so that access to the member area is not given until after payment is received?

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