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Can I create my own forms like I can with Awebe...

Added: 05/12/2012   |   Updated: 8 Years Ago

Question   Can I create my own forms like I can with Aweber, or do you have to create the capture page too?

Answer    There is a form builder, similar to Aweber, where you can build a form then get the code to copy/paste on your personal site.

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Q. If a person wants to add their opt-in form to a 3rd party website where do they get the HTML form code.

A. You can create optin forms using HTML form creator.
You can add custom fields and copy/paste the code to your 3rd party website.

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Q. I logged in to my site as the admin and I edited the AR messages but when a visitor fills out the capture page form it still sends the old AR message. Why is this and how do I fix?

A. When Members are allowed to edit the autoresponse messages, then when you as the admin make a change it does not change the messages for the Members.
There is a tool in the WMT Client Admin where you can reset all the messages for your Members.

NOTE: Any issues with a contact, we will need the email address and approximate time it was sent to look into it fully.

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Q. I'm having some pages built on my own and I need to know if I should use the form code from the html form code generator page?

A. No, do not use the code from the HTML Form Code page.
That code is for the Member to use on some 3rd party website.
This method is only attached to 1 specific Member.

Instead, you want to properly install the page, and then it will use any 3rd party autoresponder setup on a per an Member basis.
Have your developer view the page installation overview page to learn the page installation process.

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Q. Is it possible to have a mini-form, that once filled out goes to a longer form, with all fields required, and auto-populates the data from the mini-form?

A. Yes, it is possible to do this.

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Q. When I upload a banner under "Manage Banners" will the banner automatically have code to go to the member's replicated site?

A. Yes, each banner you add will have the code needed to paste the banner on a site automatically generated.
The code will link to the Member Capture Page that is using the banner.

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Q. How can I setup multiple lists using aweber?
Example: I have 3 lists collecting contacts with 3 capture pages for 3 different businesses.

Q. If you are having your contacts go into your WMT provided autoresponder and then add a 3rd party autoresonder like aweber.. will your contacts get follow up emails from the WMT autoresponder?
Q. How can I add aweber to my system?
Q. How do members setup custom form fields to work with aweber (such as phone or address)?
Q. What is the HTML form code button in the members area for?
Q. Our capture page does not ask for phone number. However some of the contacts have phone numbers included in their records. How is that possible?
Q. How do I change the page that is a new member's default primary page to be something other than what I have set under advanced features?
Q. I have optimizepress and would like to know if i can design a capture page and have all of my members use that capture page when they join through my website?
Q. Rotator weight - I assume the higher number means they get a higher
share of the rotator traffic, correct?

Q. What is the maximum number of capture pages I am allowed to create?
Q. Does anything changes in the setup or coding of the pages when I change the pages, in ADMIN panel under ADVANCE SETTINGS, from capture pages to Landing Pages?
Q. If I purchase 4 different capture pages would each page have it's own unique url in order to use all 4 at the same time or are members restricted to only 1 url at a time?
Q. Can I use your software if I already have my capture page complete without using your templates?
Q. Can I setup multiple capture pages at one time for all my Members, and can I pay you to do it for me if I want?
Q. Can a privacy policy be added to the capture page below the footer?
Q. I have 6 capture pages and want each to redirect to a specific landing page without having the new member to have to fill in the redirect in the personal info page. How do I do this?
Q. What site will my capture page be located on?
Q. Can you explain my options if I wanted to allow Members to choose between 2 different landing pages?
Q. How can I change the filename of a landing/capture page myself?
Q. I want to create a variable for member's Facebook page where the variable links to a Facebook button that I will design on a capture page - how do I link the variable to the button?
Q. Is there any documentation on how to add more capture pages ourselves?
Q. How do I add an editable video section to a page?
Q. When contacts come through is there a way to tell which advertisement they are coming from?

Q. How may capture pages can I have with the Pro Software?
Q. I am getting an error when trying to upload thumbnails to my capture pages Error 2: images/pages/2.jpg, what does this mean and how can I correct it?
Q. How do I change the content of a capture page and/or setup a redirect?

Q. When I create a new membership where does the option to buy it show up?
Q. On my capture page when I click in the steps or try to come out of the page, there is a pop up asking me if I am sure I want to leave the page. How can I remove this feature?
Q. How do my members refer people to the software?
Q. How do I add an image CAPTCHA verification to a capture page?
Q. Do you have capture pages that are customizable?
Q. What functionality is lost if I turn off cookie tracking?
Q. Can members capture contacts using their capture page and store them under a particular contact group?
Q. How do I assign a capture page to a series of autoresponder messages (a contact group)?

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