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How do I change the content of a capture page a...

Added: 12/13/2011   |   Updated: 7 Years Ago

Question   How do I change the content of a capture page and/or setup a redirect?


In order for you to change/edit whatever content you have in your current capture page, you have to go to edit pages and click on the thumbnail that shows your current page and it will redirect you to our editor. From there you can change the content of your page.

If you want to redirect your capture page into your website, you can do it under your personal info. Fill out the redirect url, and all your contacts will be redirected to that url after they have filled out the form on your capture pages. If you want to put a specific redirect url to a specific page, go to edit pages, click the thumbnail of the page you wish to edit, and on the upper portion of editing the page, fill out the redirect url and it will redirect that specific page to that specific url.

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Q. How do I change the url a person is taken to after they fill out the form on the contact us page?

  1. When logged in as the admin go to Advanced Features.
  2. Click on the "Misc" tab.
  3. Put the full url (including http://) of the page you want someone redirect to inside the "Contact Us Redirect URL" field.

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Q. How would I setup an editable about me section on my web pages using member variables?

A. How to Add a Members Variable

Setup a Member Variable

To do this go to member variables page (/admin/membervariables) and add a member variable for the about me section

Adding Member Variables to a Page

Add it to a Page

Inside of an editable WYSIWYG section of a page add the code ~var#~ where you want the content to appear.  Be sure to get the correct code where # is replaced with the number of the member variable.  You can get the correct code either from the member variables page or from "View/Info" -> "Dynamic Info (~~)" in the page editor.

Test it Out

Go to the members page (/admin/members) and login as a member.  Go to their profile (/admin/profile) and enter a value for their about me section.  Then view the member's page where you added the member variable ~~ code and you will see the content there.

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Q. How do I change the page that is a new member's default primary page to be something other than what I have set under advanced features?

A. Changing the redirect per a membership can be done by creating a separate join page in the file manager for each membership (exa: /uploads/adminpages/join3.html), and having the join page have a hidden field named "capturepage" and set it's value to the filename of the default page for that membership.

For example if you want to make the following page the default capture page:

You would use the following code:
<input type="hidden" name="capturepage" value="page/11">
(remember that webmarketing is the username of the member who the page above belongs to.  The username should be removed as shown)

$5 Support Request Option
We can do this for you as a support request and it will not cost more than the $5 minimum.

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Q. With live chat added onto a capture page, if a member edits the capture page does the live chat still follow them?

A. As long as the member does not turn off live chat on the page the live chat will remain on the page.

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Q. How do I change my primary capture page?

A. After you've logged in, click the "Capture Pages" icon.  It will then show you a list of all the available capture pages.  Click the "Make Primary Page" button beneath the thumbnail of the capture page to make it your primary capture page.

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