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Added: 03/23/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   Can the file name be changed in the edit page section?

Answer    No, it is not possible to change the filename of a page through editing it in the softwares members area.

Yes, you can still do it but in addition to changing it there you also have to change it through the file manager.

We can create a support request to do it for you if needed and it will not cost more than the $5 minimum to do this.

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Q. How do we make some of our pages editable by members and other pages not editable by members?

A. Manage Pages

To make a page so that it will not show the edit option when logged in as the admin go to "Pages". 

Edit Page

Click the edit icon next to the page which you don't want to be editable.

Change to not editable

Then change the field "Members Can Edit Page" to "No".

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Q. With live chat added onto a capture page, if a member edits the capture page does the live chat still follow them?

A. As long as the member does not turn off live chat on the page the live chat will remain on the page.

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Q. What are the files in the file manager that have filenames such as: XXXXXXX-75.WMTBACKUP

A. These are backups that are made for each person.  So each person has an id and the id is their backup so they can see their most recent backup.  This is only done if using the file manager within the client admin.  If using sFTP or other means to edit the file it does not track changes.

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Q. How do I change the content of a capture page and/or setup a redirect?


In order for you to change/edit whatever content you have in your current capture page, you have to go to edit pages and click on the thumbnail that shows your current page and it will redirect you to our editor. From there you can change the content of your page.

If you want to redirect your capture page into your website, you can do it under your personal info. Fill out the redirect url, and all your contacts will be redirected to that url after they have filled out the form on your capture pages. If you want to put a specific redirect url to a specific page, go to edit pages, click the thumbnail of the page you wish to edit, and on the upper portion of editing the page, fill out the redirect url and it will redirect that specific page to that specific url.

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Q. Do you have capture pages that are customizable?

A. We have a large selection of capture pages which are generic, customizable, and themed for various things.

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Q. Since the site was changed to https my button images on my sales page are not showing up. Where do I go to change these images to https? I know how to edit pages but when I go to those pages the section where I have those buttons doesn't seems to be editable.
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Q. Our capture page does not ask for phone number. However some of the contacts have phone numbers included in their records. How is that possible?
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Q. How do I add buttons to the page wizard's library of images available to use as the submit button for the form?
Q. If someone wanted to make their own capture page to tie into the software, what is the autoresponder code for them to use?
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Q. I logged in to my site as the admin and I edited the AR messages but when a visitor fills out the capture page form it still sends the old AR message. Why is this and how do I fix?
Q. Can I create my own forms like I can with Aweber, or do you have to create the capture page too?
Q. Do you have an API to connect on my system,so whenever my members will not pay on my system it will cancel automatically all of his landing pages and are we later able to enable him?
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Q. Can I setup multiple capture pages at one time for all my Members, and can I pay you to do it for me if I want?
Q. What happens if I have a Member with the username TEMP and I change it?
Q. Is there a cost for adding additional blank capture pages to my existing software?

Q. What site will my capture page be located on?
Q. Does your software do automatic website replication upon new user signup?
Q. I want to create a variable for member's Facebook page where the variable links to a Facebook button that I will design on a capture page - how do I link the variable to the button?

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