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Added: 05/21/2013   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   Is there a way to only give members access to edit the Basic Settings, but not the Advanced Settings?

Answer    Yes, with a Pro system this can be acheived by putting the admin in their own membership, and then to modify the html template files for adminpages so that the advanced settings button only appears in the membership that the admin belongs to.

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Q. How do we make some of our pages editable by members and other pages not editable by members?

A. Manage Pages

To make a page so that it will not show the edit option when logged in as the admin go to "Pages". 

Edit Page

Click the edit icon next to the page which you don't want to be editable.

Change to not editable

Then change the field "Members Can Edit Page" to "No".

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Q. Since the site was changed to https my button images on my sales page are not showing up. Where do I go to change these images to https? I know how to edit pages but when I go to those pages the section where I have those buttons doesn't seems to be editable.

A. If this section is not editable then it would require changing it from PHP file
If you are familiar with PHP/HTML then you can follow the following instructions
- Go to File Manage
- Click edit page icon
- Search and replace http with https for the button

It's not recommended to do that if you're not familiar with PHP/HTML
If you prefer we can change it for you

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Q. How do I edit my own pages without using the editor, as the editor changes my page format?

A. Turn off editor
If the section you want to edit is editable, then you can edit it as HTML code by turning off editor from View/Info -> TURN OFF EDITOR(html code).

If the page is not editable then you can edit it from File Manager after login to your WMT client admin account.

If you have an editable page and want to convert it to be not editable (to be completely editable from WMT client admin file manager), we can convert it for you as long as there is no member edited it before.

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Q. Do I need the editable pages plugin to edit my capture pages, I do not want my Members to edit the capture pages?

A. No.  You only need that plugin if you want your Members to be able to edit and or modify the pages.

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Q. How would I setup an editable about me section on my web pages using member variables?

A. How to Add a Members Variable

Setup a Member Variable

To do this go to member variables page (/admin/membervariables) and add a member variable for the about me section

Adding Member Variables to a Page

Add it to a Page

Inside of an editable WYSIWYG section of a page add the code ~var#~ where you want the content to appear.  Be sure to get the correct code where # is replaced with the number of the member variable.  You can get the correct code either from the member variables page or from "View/Info" -> "Dynamic Info (~~)" in the page editor.

Test it Out

Go to the members page (/admin/members) and login as a member.  Go to their profile (/admin/profile) and enter a value for their about me section.  Then view the member's page where you added the member variable ~~ code and you will see the content there.

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