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How do I add an editable video section to a pag...

Added: 06/07/2016   |   Updated: 3 Years Ago

Question   How do I add an editable video section to a page?

Answer    1- Add an editable section
Go to Edit Pages -> edit a page -> Capture Page Editable Content -> Add video section as following

Add Video Section

2- Click Edit page content

Edit Page Content

3- Select Video type and click edit content icon as following

Edit Video Content

4- Fill video information as shown below

Video editable section

Note: Video stats only works with mp4 and flv videos

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Q. Which editable sections allow the video to be tracked?

A. In order for a video to track how much is being viewed it must be added as an editable Video section when installing the page.  Then, when adding the video it must be the mp4 option that is used (not the YouTube or Embed option).

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