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Do you have capture pages that we can add video...

Added: 10/04/2011   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   Do you have capture pages that we can add video to?

Answer    Yes, you can add Videos and also Audio to most of our capture pages templates.  Also, you can create your own page with a video using our page creator wizard.

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Q. When we request capture page videos to be editable is it a software upgrade, or does it happen per capture page?

A. It happens per a capture page and does not require an upgrade request.

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Q. Can capture page templates be edited?

A. Yes, the content of a capture page template can be edited through the editor in your members area.
You can, also edit the html of the pages through the file manager in the WMT Client Admin.
If you need edits that can not be done in the members area we can setup a support request to make the changes.

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Q. Can I use your software if I already have my capture page complete without using your templates?

A. Yes, you can use our software with your existing design.

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Q. what is a video squeeze page?

A. A capture page with a video on it.

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Q. Can I use websites designed with word press with your platform? And what other design options are available?


Yes, we can use any sites designed in Wordpress.
We can install the pages the you create. We can not replicate, exactly, a page that you do not own the rights to.
We can, however, take a page you like and design something similar.

Designs start at $50++  We also have a large selection of templates available.
They can be viewed here: https://webmarketingtool.com/templates.php


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Q. Where can I go to see all of the template options you offer?
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Q. Can I add content under my landing page, instead of just the video there now?
Q. How can I choose different capture page templates? Also, can I have more than one capture page running at a time?
Q. Where can I go to purchase a few capture pages?

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