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Added: 09/05/2012   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   How may capture pages can I have with the Pro Software?

Answer    A Pro Software includes 1 capture page.
However, you can install as many additional pages as you like.
You can either install pages yourself, or for a small fee for us to install a page for you.

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Q. I want to sell multiple memberships on my site. Do I need your $175 or $600 tool box?

A. Because you are selling multiple memberships you would need the $600 Tool Truck.

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Q. Does SMS notifications work with the software and how does it to work?

A. Yes, SMS notification messages work in our software.  They allow members to receive SMS notifications to your mobile phone (in USA) when members receive new contacts or have appointments on their calendar.  We also have a paid SMS Marketing Tool for sending marketing messages to contacts.

Setup SMS Notifications

Go to ~wmtsystemurl~/admin/notifications###
Add your phone number and mobile carrier then turn on notifications


We don't guarantee the delivery of SMS notifications as it depends on the carrier.

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Q. Do I need to purchase anything extra in order to be able to charge people for my software?

A. Yes, you need to purchase the billing tool.

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Q. How could we duplicate our site without buying the software again?

Yes, it is possible with a PRO Software using piggyback domains and setting up packages.
The members area would be on the original domain name, but it's possible to customize the text/graphics/layout/etc to look different.
Depending on your need, let us know specific separate questions for each item you would like to do yourself and we'll provide an answer.
Or, you can send any details in a support request and we'll do it for you.

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Q. On the pro software, is there a place where I can find detail on each line item of "Memberships"?


Memberships allow you to put your Members into different groups.
You setup several memberships and each Member belongs to one of the memberships.
Memberships can be free, or have different prices.

Each membership can be setup with unique or shared content allowing you to have pages, banners, etc only usable by specific memberships.
The header/theme/content of every page in the members area can be customized for each membership.



When logged in as the admin go to "Memberships".  On this page you can add new membership as well as edit/delete existing ones.

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Q. What is the maximum number of capture pages I am allowed to create?
Q. How do I change the content of a capture page and/or setup a redirect?

Q. When I create a new membership where does the option to buy it show up?
Q. Is it possible for members to use more than one autoresponder at the same time and choose which capture page to use for each AR?
Q. When I upload a banner under "Manage Banners" will the banner automatically have code to go to the member's replicated site?
Q. Home Page Action? What does this mean?
Q. Where would I go to add Google Analytics?
Q. Do you have capture pages that are customizable?
Q. Is a Contact Group the same thing as Trackings?
Q. How do I assign a capture page to a series of autoresponder messages (a contact group)?
Q. Can dynamic code make it so that when a contact enters their information on the capture page, then the next page displays their name (exa: Congratulations John)?
Q. I added new capture pages and they are not in the WYSIWYG editor. How do I make the entire page 100% editable?
Q. How can I setup multiple lists using aweber?
Example: I have 3 lists collecting contacts with 3 capture pages for 3 different businesses.

Q. what is a video squeeze page?
Q. Can I use my existing capture page?
Q. What functionality is lost if I turn off cookie tracking?
Q. Why are the contacts from my main capture page going to one of my members?
Q. Do you have capture pages that we can add video to?
Q. How can I choose different capture page templates? Also, can I have more than one capture page running at a time?
Q. Why don't my members have the option to select a 3rd party autoresponder in their members area?
Q. How do I setup a specific 3rd party autoresponder for a specific capture page?
Q. Can GVO be integrated with your capture page Member Area?
Q. Can I have multiple capture pages?
Q. What does group content mean?
Q. On the "Members page" we can "activate" them. What does it mean to "activate" them?
Q. How do I control what capture pages, banners, and autoresponders that a membership has access to?
Q. How do I add buttons to the page wizard's library of images available to use as the submit button for the form?
Q. Do I need the editable pages plugin to edit my capture pages, I do not want my Members to edit the capture pages?
Q. How can Members setup their capture page to use GetResponse?
Q. Can you setup replicating websites?
Q. Where is the importer/inviter in the Member Area and how do I use it?
Q. Can we have the social importer/inviter appear on the side of the members area too like it does on capture pages?
Q. How do I insert php or html code into the head of all the pages?
Q. When we request capture page videos to be editable is it a software upgrade, or does it happen per capture page?

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