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SMS Marketing Tool Overview

The SMS Marketing Tool is used for sending autoresponder and broadcast messages to contacts or members via SMS or Voice messages.  The SMS Marketing tool works very similarly to the Email Marketing tool except the messages that are sent are either SMS messages to a mobile phone or pre-recorded voice messages to a mobile or landline phone. Learn more about the benefits of the SMS Marketing tool on the SMS Marketing tool sales page.

Initial Setup of the SMS Marketing Tool

First, you have to setup a Twilio account for the SMS plugin. Below are instructions on how to setup an account:
Learn How to Setup Twilio

After you have setup your Twilio account.
Go to your SMS Accounts page
Select your area code or click the button to get a random area code
then copy your Account SID and AUTH TOKEN from your Twilio account and paste it to SMS Accounts Page.

If you already have a Twilio phone number, you can use Advanced Add a Number form.
Check the following page for more information about how to setup Twilio using advanced settings
Learn How to Setup Twilio

How SMS Credits Work

With SMS credits you control how many messages members can send.  This is important as you are charged for each member and will want to control abuse.  If a member does not have any credits none of the SMS messages they try to send will be sent.  To send an SMS message or a voice message it uses 1 credit.

As the admin you can add credits for members from the SMS Credit Assign page (/admin/smscreditassign).  We also provide an API for adding credits automatically to a members account.  With the external billing tool you can easily setup a button for members to purchase credits that automatically adds the credits to a member's account. With a pro system when editing the membership you can define an amount of credits to be automatically added when they first signup.

How to Send SMS Broadcast Messages

You can send the broadcast messages from /admin/smsbroadcast

First your will be asked to select a recipient. The options for recipient type is:

All My Contacts - Sends the broadcast to all your contacts
An Entire Contact Group - Sends the broadcast to a group of contacts that you choose
An Individual Contact - Sends a message to a specific contact
All Members Referred - Sends the broadcast to every member you referred
An Individual Member - Sends the message to a specific member
All Members - Sends a broadcast to all members (admin only)

Broadcast Message Settings
Next you provide the details for the actual broadcast:

Message Type
You can either choose it to be a text message or phone (voice) broadcast

Date/Time to Send
You can specify here the date you want to send the broadcast on if you don't want it to be sent right away.  When sending broadcasts right away they are not sent instantly but through a que of 40 a minute.

SMS Autoresponder

The SMS autoresponder allows you to setup a series follow up messages that are automatically sent. You can setup messages to go out for as much as a year after the last action taken by the contact. You can also setup countdown messages that are sent X days before a calendar item or follow up messages X days after a calendar item. A calendar item can be an event, meeting, webinar, or anything else you have added to your calendar (requires the calendar tool).

Contact Score Notifications

You can set it up so that an SMS message is sent to a member once a contact's score exceeds a certain amount.  This notifies the member they have a hot prospect and allows them to quickly take action (exa: SMS or call them). Learn more about contact score SMS notification setup.

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