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Does the software do text message auto-responde...

Added: 04/05/2012   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   Does the software do text message auto-responders?

Answer    With the SMS Marketing Tool it is possible to do text message (SMS) broadcasting to a cell phone.

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Q. Does sms notifications work with the software and how does it to work?

A. Yes, SMS notification messages work in our software.  They allow members to receive SMS notifications to your mobile phone (in USA) when members receive new contacts or have appointments on their calendar.  We also have a paid SMS Marketing Tool for sending marketing messages to contacts.

Setup SMS Notifications

Go to ~wmtsystemurl~/admin/notifications###
Add your phone number and mobile carrier then turn on notifications


We don't guarantee the delivery of SMS notifications as it depends on the carrier.

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Q. What countries can members receive text messages (sms) in?

A. Members can receive messages in the US only.

We also have a SMS/Voice Marketing plugin which provides support for more countries,
but you need a Twilio, Ytel or Plivo account (We recommend Twilio) and they charge per a text message (or voice broadcast).

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Q. How do you setup a purchase sms credits button with the sms Marketing tool combined with the External Billing tool?

A. External Billing Add Payment Screenshot
1) Setup an external billing product for selling the credits.

2) Add a billing option to the product.

External Billing Add Notify URL Screenshot
3) Edit the Notify URL for the product putting your URL as shown below:

# = Replace # with the amount of credits to add when payment is made
XXXX = Put your API Key from Advanced Features.
yourURL.com = Put your domain name.

4) You can then get the URL or ~~ code to use when when editing billing for placing the button throughout your site.

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Q. With the sms Marketing Tool is there a way to code in calls to action?

A. If by calls to action you mean that a member or contact takes an action and then an SMS message is sent to them then yes.  You can either hire us to set it up for you as a support request or if you have someone familiar with php you can do this with a few lines of code.


$message = "Example SMS Message";
$cellNumber = "555-555-5555";
$memberAID =  1;

$myMember = new Member();

Telecom::addSMS($message, $cellNumber, $myMember, time());

The standard member ~~ variables are converted when the actual message is sent.

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Q. How does the text feature under "Send Members a Text Message" work?

A. It sends a text message (SMS) to all of your members in the USA that have entered a cell phone number.

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Q. How does sms credits work?
Q. Where do I add credits to members for sms texts and voice broadcasts?
Q. How do I sign up for Twilio and setup the sms Marketing tool?
Q. How much does Twilio charge per a text message?
Q. How much does the sms marketing tool cost, and who has access to the texting? All members or just the administrators of the system?
Q. How do we setup an sms notification once a contact reaches a specific contact score?
Q. Is it possible to use short codes like ~name~ or ~email~ in your sms broadcasts or text ARs?
Q. When sms messages are sent to new members are the sponsors credits used or the admin?
Q. Is there a way to add something to the Admin Calendar that automatically adds to EVERY members calendar so that if they set up sms notifications they will get notifications when I add something to the calendar?
Q. What are tilde codes (variables) which can be used in sms messages

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