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Added: 08/01/2013   |   Updated: 5 Months Ago

Question   How much does the sms marketing tool cost, and who has access to the texting? All members or just the administrators of the system?

Answer    You can view the price for the SMS Marketing Plugin on the product prices page. All members have access, but you can limit the access if needed.  Also, Twilio has its own fees for per text message posted on its site.

You can choose to allow members to have access to create and send their own messages.  If you do this there is an additional monthly per a member fee for each member that has access to this feature.  Click here to view the monthly fee.

The plugin uses credits to control how many messages members can use to prevent someone from using too many since each message causes a fee.  You can sell credits, or give them away for free.

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Q. How does sms credits work?

A. When logged in as the admin go to "SMS Credit Assign".  Here you will see a list of all of your Members and the ability to modify the amount of credits they have.  You can give Members credits here.  Every time an Member sends a message using the SMS broadcaster a credit is deducted from their account.  If the Member has no credits, then none of their messages are sent.  This allows you to control how many text/voice messages Members can do and prevent them from racking up a large fee from Twilio.  If desired, you can setup your own billing outside of the Web Marketing Tool Software and bill your Members for additional credits, but you will need to manually add any credits they purchased.

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Q. How much does Twilio charge per a text message?

A. At the time of writing this Document
They charged US$0.01 a text, but you should go and see all their prices and policies at twilio.com

NOTE: TWILIO is a 3rd Party Provider and is not related or associated with WMT !

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Q. How do we setup an sms notification once a contact reaches a specific contact score?


(SMS Marketing Tool Required)

SMS notification sent to the member once a contact exceeds a specified score.
to set the score value
1- Go to Advanced Features

2- SMS/Voice Broadcaster

3- Set
Now each time a contact exceeds score points, SMS notification will be sent to the member using member credits

Following documents explaining how to setup Twilio
Learn How to Setup Twilio

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Q. Is it possible to use short codes like ~name~ or ~email~ in your sms broadcasts or text ARs?

A. The following codes are currently supported:

Additional short codes can be added as a support request.

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Q. Does sms notifications work with the software and how does it to work?

A. Yes, SMS notification messages work in our software.  They allow members to receive SMS notifications to your mobile phone (in USA) when members receive new contacts or have appointments on their calendar.  We also have a paid SMS Marketing Tool for sending marketing messages to contacts.

Setup SMS Notifications

Go to ~wmtsystemurl~/admin/notifications###
Add your phone number and mobile carrier then turn on notifications


We don't guarantee the delivery of SMS notifications as it depends on the carrier.

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