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How to Setup Twilio

Added: 01/27/2013   |   Updated: 9 Months Ago

How to Setup Twilio

Twilio Dashboard Page

Login to your account at twilio.com and go to the "Dashboard" page.
Copy the AccountSID
and AuthToken

Basic Setup

After you have setup your Twilio account.
Go to your SMS Accounts page
Select your area code or click the button to get a random area code
then copy your Account SID and AUTH TOKEN from your Twilio account
and paste it to SMS Accounts Page.

Advanced Setup

Go to Phone Numbers -> Active Numbers the copy a phone number
Click to add webhooks. then add
1- your-domain.com/admin/twiliovoice.php
2- your-domain.com/admin/twiliosms.php

Twilio Phone Number

SMS Accounts

Paste Account SID and AUTH TOKEN
and Phone Number to
Under Advanced Add a Number

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