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If someone wanted to make their own capture pag...

Added: 08/23/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   If someone wanted to make their own capture page to tie into the software, what is the autoresponder code for them to use?

Answer    When logged in as the particular Member go to "HTML Form Code" and then you can generate the code to use there.
Also, you can use it to see what codes to use in case they are redesigning the form.

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Q. Can your company design my capture page according to my specific business, product, or service?

A. Yes, we do offer custom capture page designs.

We would design the capture page to market your specific buisness, product, and service.
Our software is also customizable, using a support request and upgrade request process to enable you to better market your specific business, product, and service.

For more details and to view Price-List < Click here >

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Q. Do you create Logos and Banners? And can you also handle other graphical work ?

A. YES, we can design a Logo for you.
YES, we can do Banner Design
YES, we can do also other graphical work (Photoshop) for you.

The cost will depend on the complexity of the design.

For more details and to view Price-List < Click here >

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Q. Does an autoresponder have to be html mail for the opened email tracking to work?

A. Yes, it has to be HTML for it to track.

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Q. Can I use websites designed with word press with your platform? And what other design options are available?


Yes, we can use any sites designed in Wordpress.
We can install the pages the you create. We can not replicate, exactly, a page that you do not own the rights to.
We can, however, take a page you like and design something similar.

Designs start at $50++  We also have a large selection of templates available.
They can be viewed here: https://webmarketingtool.com/templates.php


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Q. Does your software include design work?

A. Our software by itself does not include any design work. Design work is something totally separate. You can use any one of the templates we offer or you can hire us to create a design, or you can provide the design.  Only 1 template is currently included (unless otherwise advertised on our Price List) if no design is purchased or provided (otherwise no templates are included).

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Q. Can my members have their own personalized autoresponder emails?
Q. I logged in to my site as the admin and I edited the AR messages but when a visitor fills out the capture page form it still sends the old AR message. Why is this and how do I fix?
Q. How do I send you my landing page that I had designed for me?

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