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Do I need to purchase anything extra in order t...

Added: 02/05/2013   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   Do I need to purchase anything extra in order to be able to charge people for my software?

Answer    Yes, you need to purchase the billing tool.

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Q. I want to sell multiple memberships on my site. Do I need your $175 or $600 tool box?

A. Because you are selling multiple memberships you would need the $600 Tool Truck.

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Q. How do I add a promo code to an external billing product?


The promo code allow you to give out discounts to products. If the client has the correct promo code he will get a discount on the product. The promo code only works for Authorize.net, First Data, or other payments where the credit card information is entered on your site.

How to add a promo code?
1- go to edit product page http://YOURDOMAIN.com/admin/editexternalbillingproduct.php?id=PRODUCT-ID

2- Insert discount amount and the desired promo code as shown below

3- Promo code will display in orderform.php page

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Q. Can external billing work with commission tracking plugin?

A. Yes, it works with commission tracking plugin

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Q. Does SMS notifications work with the software and how does it to work?

A. Yes, SMS notification messages work in our software.  They allow members to receive SMS notifications to your mobile phone (in USA) when members receive new contacts or have appointments on their calendar.  We also have a paid SMS Marketing Tool for sending marketing messages to contacts.

Setup SMS Notifications

Go to ~wmtsystemurl~/admin/notifications###
Add your phone number and mobile carrier then turn on notifications


We don't guarantee the delivery of SMS notifications as it depends on the carrier.

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Q. What is the notify URL when editing an external billing product?

A. The notify URL allows you to send a notification to a URL when a payment is made for an external billing product.

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Q. How could we duplicate our site without buying the software again?

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