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Can I change the filenames of my current captur...

Added: 11/14/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   Can I change the filenames of my current capture/landing pages that are already installed?

Answer    Yes, you can do this following the instructions below:

It is critical that you follow these steps exactly and do not miss anything. If you prefer you can have us do the change for you as a support request.

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Q. How can I change the filename of a landing/capture page myself?

A. 1) go to the file manager download the page you need to change the name
2) rename it to the new name
3) upload it again with the new name
4) go to edit pages
5) edit the page
6) change the file name to be the new file name
7) check that it works
8) delete the old file from file manager

NOTE: It is typically not recommended to do it yourself unless you have php knowledge or are tech savvy and have a good understanding of our software.

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Q. Can the file name be changed in the edit page section?

A. No, it is not possible to change the filename of a page through editing it in the softwares members area.

Yes, you can still do it but in addition to changing it there you also have to change it through the file manager.

We can create a support request to do it for you if needed and it will not cost more than the $5 minimum to do this.

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Q. Can you show me what is the name of the file that contains the member's area MENU?

A. The correct path would be:

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Q. What are the files in the file manager that have filenames such as: XXXXXXX-75.WMTBACKUP

A. These are backups that are made for each person.  So each person has an id and the id is their backup so they can see their most recent backup.  This is only done if using the file manager within the client admin.  If using sFTP or other means to edit the file it does not track changes.

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